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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Best Online Flies

We have the best online flies 

 What makes The Fly Stop flies the best? Everything.  We have employed, worked with, expanded, and developed the same group of tiers for over 10 years.  The past 8 years under the Fly Stop brand.  Our tiers have stayed with us as long as our customers have.  We own our factory we do not contract it.  We own and do not source our fly production.  Every fly ever made, every fly every listed on the site, and every one of the best online flies ever sold was 100% tied by us.  We use the best hooks in the industry that have been private labeled exclusively for us by one of the best hook manufacturers on the globe.  The only hackles that go on our trout flies are exclusively from Whiting, the uncontested best feathers in the industry.  Materials are sourced directly from Hareline and many of the newer and more innovative patterns are tied with the award winning Flymen Fishing Company products.

    When folks by online many times the thought is you are not supporting local, you are not supporting a “Bricks and Mortar” store.  In most cases you are not, in fact in the overwhelming majority of cases you are not, with us sleep well.  Not only are you supporting a local “Bricks and Mortar” store, you are saving money while you do it, and supporting a group of folks that live, breath, and sleep flies.  This is our life, this is our passion, and flies are what we do.  Come by our fly shop and visit us.  Not local to San Diego, great, it turns out we live in the best place in the word to vacation as well as fish, so get a plane ticket and lets wet a line!

    Finally, how do we sell flies for cheap?  Simple, our price reflects a modern, streamlined process that eliminates extra costs.  We are unique.  Our flies are our flies.  They are not Umpqua, they are not Rainy’s.  We are not reselling anyone’s brand. We sell our brand tied buy us and sold by us.  So while many will lead you to believe the cost difference has to do with quality, they are 100% not correct.  The price difference reflects the fact that we cut out the middle man. We manufacture flies, and then sell them directly to our customers.  There is no middle man, there is no sales rep, there is no reselling.  We are direct.

    Millions and millions and millions of Fly Stop flies are sold annually.  Tens of millions sold since our birth.  Fish with confidence, you are fishing the best.  Buy your wife dinner on the way home, you can afford that and gas now.  You are welcome!