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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Best Steelhead Flies - Nymphs

Steelhead Flies - Volume 2

Bead Headed Flies - Dead Drift Bugs

Winter Steelhead Flies

Steel head bead head

So this brings us to our next category of flies for steelhead in the winter. Yes....the dead drift bugs...and yes indicator fishing. So fishing this style on a switch or single hand rod can can be a test of how deep, how much weight, and all about the right drift. A game of countless mends and single hand spey cast, roll cast, and again mending. I guess thats why they all say the steelhead is a fish of a thousand cast...or two.  



Best Steelhead Flies - Eggs

Its Time to Fish....Steelhead!!!!

Knowing what to fish and when can mean everything.

Part 1 - Winter Steelhead - Egg Flies!

A steady drizzle is falling from a gray sky. You are standing on the edge of a swollen river with a fly box in your hand. Somewhere in those cold and murky depths, a steelhead is lurking. Which fly is going to tempt this fish that has traveled the oceans and returned to this river, not for a meal, but for the sole purpose of reproduction? 

Fly Fishing Corbina - Best Flies

So when it comes to fly fishing for Corbina, considering they can be worse than permit at times, the fly selection can be crucial in success in fooling the SoCal Bonefish know as the “ bean” or Corbina. 


Having the right fly to present can mean the difference between getting a take or a major refusal. The majority of the time chasing these fish up and down the surf the we are fishing them in very shallow water, therefore they get a very good look at our fly. Playing this sight fishing game can be rewarding but also can be  down right frustrating if your fly isn’t to there liking......

Best Dry Flies



   There are millions of different dry flies that exist today.  They are designed to mimic insects like mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies and terrestrials.  Dry flies can be tied from natural materials such as deer hair and hackle feathers, to synthetic materials like foam and rubber legs.  No matter which one you choose to fish with, it has to do two things.  Float, and be durable.

Big Streamers for Big Trout


We all know Trout of all sorts and sizes will eat flies and bugs of all varieties, and you can catch some big fish during the big hatches of Salmonflies or Green Drakes. 

However, when consistently targeting the biggest trout in a river, it is no mystery that big Trout like big flies. In particular, big trout (especially Browns) specifically seek out and target larger meals.  The most consistent large meals in any water are Baitfish/Leeches/Crayfish, etc.  Therefore, when targeting these big trout, it makes the most sense to use our Trophy Streamers, the large streamer flies that best replicate the proportions that they seek.

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