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Gold Mining

Recently one of my good friends from university realized a long-time dream of finally getting the sportscar he’s always dreamed of and it was awesome seeing him accomplish one of his life goals.  When we were back in school, I too had a goal of a once in a lifetime car and that was something we shared.  While our lives have taken different paths than those we laid out in our early twenties, and the dream car in my twenties being something that’s low on my priority list now, but I was able to accomplish a goal that I’ve been wanting to check off my list for about 15 years, and that goal was backpacking into the Cottonwood lakes for Golden trout.



Best Grasshopper Patterns

Best-Grasshopper-Paterns for trout

Warm windy afternoons with the clicking sounds of Grasshoppers flying through the summer breeze will get any fly anglers heart racing. But what hopper pattern should you choose? That’s always the delema when I hit up a river. What size do I use? What color? Foam or not to foam? Those are the real questions. In this blog I will go through my favorite Grasshopper patterns and when/why I fish them.

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

Pyramid Lake Nevada - Land of the Giants

By:  Chuck Loudat

First I would like to start by saying, I am looking forward to when things get back to normal and see our customers back in the shop so we can talk fishing.

If you have never been to Pyramid Lake Nevada to stalk and catch giant Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, you just might move it closer to the top of your bucket list after reading this article.  Where cookie cutter trout are three to seven pounds and don’t even raise an eyebrow, you know you’re somewhere special.  For my buddy Paul and I this was our third trip to Pyramid in four years.  On the last two trips we failed to get our double digit fish, so this trip had a specific mission.  We picked  March, since this month is somewhat of a sweet spot. The stormy weather can move in, you can land some good numbers of fish, and there is a pretty good chance of that fish of a lifetime.

Covid-19 Update

Dear TFS Customers,

Our online store is still shipping orders as normal. Your order will still ship 1 to 2 business days after you place your order.

Our store front in San Diego is back open to our normal hours 10 AM to 6 PM everyday but Sunday. You will be required to to wear a face mask or some sort of face covering. We are limiting the to 5 customers in our store at one time for our and everybody elses safety. We are also going out of our way to santize our shop as much as possible. 

Tungsten Beads

Ever since I started fishing, it was engrained into my head the value of tungsten beads, especially when euronymphing.  Tungsten has a density of 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter, while brass has a density of 8.73 grams per cubic centimeter and lead being 11.34 grams per cubic centimeter. 

The added density means a smaller bead to get your fly down into the feeding zone.  With the popularity of euronymphing, this is now more or less common knowledge amongst fly anglers.  As a Competition Angler, I get asked for my opinion on all facets of fly angling, and I’m always happy to share my thoughts.  Tungsten beads comes up quite frequently, and in the past I’ve shared my opinion based on empirical data, but never have I backed this empirical data up with hard cold facts. 


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