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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Fly Fishing for Bass

New Flies For June 2019

New Flies for 2019You can say we have gone a little more fly crazy than normal this year. As an example, with our last order we added over 20 new patterns in a ton of different color. That makes for over 70 new patterns. Most of the new additions have been in the Competition/Perdigon Flies and Trophy Streamers. We also added new Streamer and Musky Flies as well. Here’s a few of our favorite new patterns.

Spring into Summer 2019

Spring into Summer 2019

Is it that time of year already….. Yes it is. We are having our 3rs annual Spring into Summer event at our San Diego store front on March 23rd. There will be special one day only Sales, Presentations, Fly tying, Raffles and more. The event will start at 10 am and run till 4 pm. Click to see the full schedule.

Top 5 Best Striped Bass Flies

Stripped Bass Fly Fishing

I have been chasing Striped Bass all over Califonia for most of my life. From a young kind chasing on the Colorado River to the Sacramento Delta and a bunch of the local Socal Lakes. With this knowledge I have put up a list of my top 5 Striper flies that we carry with a couple of color variations for most of the flies.

California Delta Striper Mission 2018

The California Delta is one of the most unique water ways to fish in California. In one day, on a fast boat, you can fish Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Carp and so much more. All these different option makes this one of my favorite place to fish. On a recent trip my dad and I had our eye set on the Striped Bass.


Fly Fishing For Bass - Features and Forage

Springtime - Bass on the Fly                                                                                                                             Volume #2

- Southern California Bass Lakes -

 - Features to look for and the forage that live in them - 

 Springtime bass on the fly

Meet Jesse….Now Jesse is a fairly new customer to TFS.  

He came into the shop about 3-4 months ago interested in fly fishing for trout at Poway Lake. 

So he picked up his first set-up and went at it with success. 

As Spring rolled around Jesse came back in showing interest in bass so we picked out a handful of bass flies and off he went. 

This is the pic I get a week later, a 8 1/2lb largemouth his first bass on the fly at Santee Lakes.

Now that goes to show you don't always need a boat to catch big bass on the fly.

Nice work Jesse, not a bad way to start!

When it comes to targeting bass on the fly in SoCal there certainly isn't any shortage of lakes, reservoirs, and ponds in which these fish call home. To be exact there are over 17 lakes and reservoirs in San Diego county alone within 50 miles of each other. As you move into Riverside county and beyond that number begins to grow as well. Knowing what to look for on your local lakes can help dramatically in your search for the largemouth bass.



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