RIO Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards 2018

The RIO “Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards” is an opportunity for amateur fly fishing film makers to showcase this wonderful sport by entering a short film into this online film competition. Your submission could be a short story, a documentary, a collection of awesome shots, or even a clip from your cellphone that you feel deserves to be seen. Let your creativity be your guide! The rules are quite simple - make a 3-minute or less fly fishing film, and enter your film to be judged by the RIO panel, and by like-minded fly fishing enthusiasts on a variety of social media outlets.

Congratulations to both Mike Silva and Dustin Sergent for making it to the finals in the Rio Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards 2018. Both of these fine gentleman are avid Fly Fisherman that worked hard on capturing these moments on film and creating a story of their own. By doing so not only have they inspired many but have shown the diversity that Southern California Fly Fishing has to offer in such a creative way. We can not be more proud and honored to be friends and fishing buddies with such passionate guys that portray the sport of fly fishing the way they do. All films entered in this contest were from around the globe and reflected on many different species and destinations that people pursue their passion. Out of the 34 films only 8 were selected to go the finals, and amongst those 8 were two guys that call Southern California their home waters. We can not thank you guys enough for representing SoCal in the Fly Fishing world in the way you have with such passion and creativity.

Keep on filming and Fish on Brothers!

There are two different categories of award:  

  1).  The “RIO Award”, with a first and second place award for the top two films as judged by RIO’s marketing team.

2).   The other category is the “Viewer’s Choice Award”, based upon total votes received from viewers that watch the films on the variety of social media outlets that will be used to host and promote this competition.

Mike Silva's film was not only a finalist but runner up for the “Rio Award” and not far behind for the “Viewer’s Choice Award” as well. Awesome work Mike! A story that many can relate to if you have spent time pursuing fly fishing and done with such creativity.

Dustin Sergent’s film was voted best film for the “Viewer’s Choice Award” that was awarded monthly, with the top 3 voted films each month going through to the grand final. Dustin fell short in the end but produced such an inspiring film on Cali Fly Fishing that will give anybody the true feel of this sport and the lifestyle that comes with it. Amazing work my friend!