Las Pampas Lodge, Argentina

If you enjoy fishing big foam terrestrial flies, targeting big fish, sightseeing and enjoying the wildest of places, Las Pampas is the place for you. We are located in middle Patagonia in the province of Chubut, Argentina at the foothills of the Andes mountain range. The remoteness cannot be explained, only experienced.  Las Pampas offers wild brown and rainbow trout during its November 1st - May 1st season, and brook trout from November 1st - March 1st. The fish are protected for spawning purposes during the offseason.


Our waters range from freestone rivers to wide, floatable spring creeks and small, technical streams. We fish several of the lakes in the area, also with big dry flies, depending on the time of the year and ongoing hatches. Some of the most fun hatching bugs are dragonflies and damselflies, but we also thoroughly enjoy our various mayfly and caddisfly hatches. Terrestrial bugs (Fat Alberts, Chernobyl Ant and Hoppers) will also provide many fun takes.


The Las Pampas experience is truly special because of its staff. It starts when the guides pick you up from the airport in our own trucks, greeting you as if you were a family member we are excited to see. The two and a half hour-long drive takes you through beautiful areas of Patagonia, in which you will be able to spot some of our most wonderful wildlife. Andean Cóndor, which can reach a wingspan up to nine feet, will most likely pay us a visit on our drive. Our native ñandú (rheas), hares, and foxes can also be seen on Route 40 on our way to the mountains. We enjoy talking fish the most, but we also love telling you all about our country and whatever questions you may have about our culture, history and current situation.


Once we arrive at the lodge, you will be greeted by Tute — only the greatest host in the world. Immediately he will guide you to your room and offer you your favorite drink, which he will memorize for future cocktail hours. We also welcome you to feel at home and grab your own drink if that is what you prefer. Normally the travel day is not a fishing day, as we arrive at the lodge too late in the day and we like giving you enough time to get settled. We then get ready for dinner, and two or three of our guides will accompany you to continue to share quality time with you during our meal. Nights are fun at Las Pampas, as we sit around the fire and enjoy getting to know you with the anticipation of the next day’s fishing.


The next morning, an American breakfast is served, and you will meet Eduardo. He is a local gaucho, who is the caregiver of the lodge throughout the year. He will take your breakfast order while the guides get the trucks and gear ready and very carefully plan the fishing day. We are determined to take care of the place in order to not overfish any particular zone and provide you with the best fishing experience you could possibly have.


Around 8:30 am we depart the lodge to our destination. Whether wading a river or a spring creek, or floating the nearby lakes, we will show you our favorite places, flies and methods of fishing. We will provide all the terminal tackle: flies, leaders and tippets. After fishing all morning, lunch is served on the shore, equipped with wine, beer, soda or water and the best food prepared by our wonderful chef and Le Cordon Bleu graduate Exequiel.


In the afternoon we return to the lodge for cocktails and fish stories. It will be hard not to tell the rest of the crew about your day and compare pictures. Our three-course dinners are worthy of 5-stars, and the wine flows like the rivers you just fished. The best part of the end of the day is that you get to repeat it all over again the next day!


We invite you to come fishing with us, it will be an experience you will not regret. The fishing at Las Pampas is superb, and we pride ourselves on our excellent hospitality. We cannot wait to make you feel like family and show you why we are all so passionate about what we do.

A couple of fish that you have a shot at catching at Las Pampas