Mako Shark Fly fishing

May presents some of the best fly fishing opportunities of the year.  No matter where you live in the United States, there is something significant happening in the world of fly fishing. 

   In the Eastern states, May marks the start of some awesome dry fly fishing.  Hatches of Cahills, Sulphurs, and Caddis entertain anglers for weeks on their favorite local waters.  If their lucky enough, they’ll even find a few Green Drakes around too.  If you’re not into fishing for trout, head down to the Florida Key’s for the arguably the best fishing of the year.  The annual Tarpon migration peaks during this month, and offers fly anglers the chance to fish for 100 plus pound fish in gin clear water.  Bring your “A Game” though, because these fish are smart and spooky, and require lots of patience when fishing for them.

   The Mid-Western states get in on the fun, with the Large Black Stonefly hatches that occur during this time of the year. see.  These bugs range in sizes 2-6, and are an absolute blast to fish with.  You’ll have no problem seeing your fly on the water, and when a fish decides to eat your offering, it is often a very ferocious take.  Here you will also find significant hatches of Slate Drakes and Yellow Sally’s to keep you entertained.

   In the Rocky Mountain states, just about every bug known to man kind is hatching, but one of the more significant hatches is “The Mother’s Day” caddis hatch.  Named for the specific day that this hatch often occurs around, these caddis will literally blanket the water.  They also give trout their first opportunity of the year, for a very significant meal!

   The wild and wonderful west coast has lots to offer this time of year, but if you’re looking to do something different, look no further than sunny San Diego.  Here you can board a bay boat or small skiff, and hunt for the apex predator of the Pacific Ocean… the Mako shark.  These fish can be easily targeted with fly rods, and are known to jump 6 feet or more out of the water once hooked.  Don’t forget your camera, and please keep your arms and legs inside the boat at all times!

 Lastly you don’t want to forget about the lowly Carp. The spawn will just be ending and the fish will start to feed heavily up in the shallows. This is also the start of the dry fly season at Henshaw and Isabella.

Carp Fly Fishing