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Fishing News

Big Streamers for Big Trout


We all know Trout of all sorts and sizes will eat bugs of all varieties, particularly you can catch some big fish during big hatches of Salmonflies or Green Drakes.  However, when consistently targeting the biggest Trout in a river, it is no mystery that big Trout like big flies. In particular, big Trout (especially Browns) specifically seek out and target larger meals.  The most consistent large meals in any water are Baitfish/Leeches/Crayfish, etc.  Therefore, when targeting these big Trout, it makes the most sense to fish Trophy Streamers, the flies that best replicate meals of the proportions that they seek.

Alaska Trout Camp


Their fishing program is built around targeting the biggest native Rainbow Trout in the world. During the months of September and October, these massive non-anadromous Rainbows move from the lake and into the river to gorge themselves on salmon eggs, flesh, and leeches. They run from September 1st to November 1st  because this is the prime time to catch these monster ‘bows by way of the fly.

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