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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Fishing News

Fly Tying

Just to make sure that people know that we will be moving to a new shop on November 1st. We will be having our grand opeening on November 14. Our new address will be

The Fly Stop

9275 Trade Place

Suite E

San Diego, Ca. 92126

With the new larger location we will be able carry fly tying materials, vices  and tools. It not going to be just a few items. We will be trying to have one of the best fly tying sections in San Diego. For now it will be mainly in store but will also be adding fly tying section to our online store as well. we will be carrying 

Hareline Fly Tying

Waspi Fly Tying

Fly Men Fishing

Mustad Fly Tying

And much more.

More Crazy Things

There has been some pretty amazing fish caught off of California this year. From Wahoo to some amazing Bluefin Tuna but this Blue Marlin takes the cake,so far. What else going to happen this year.
San Diegan lands 662.2-pound blue marlin

Second largest blue marlin ever caught off California . . .



We Are Moving to a new Locating

Its official....we have our new lease signed. We will be relocating to a new shop in Miramar that will be several times larger than our current location around November 1st. We will also now be able to have a dedicated tying section in the new store. To top it off, we just got approved to be a REDINGTON, SAGE and SIMMSDealer, so check us out in November. WE COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED TO BE A PART OF SIMMS, SAGE, AND THE ENTIRE SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY. Our new Address will be:

The Fly Stop

9275 Trade Place, Suite E

San Diego, CA. 92126




And Don't forget that tuna and dorado season is still upon us. Fishing has been really good and should be getting even better. We have another mass of fish that should be moving any day now. There has been marlin and even a few wahoo that have been caught in both US and Mexican water recently. I know its along shot but a landing of a marlin or wahoo in US waters would be a once in a life time thing.


Tom with a nice Yellowfin that came off a patty.


Looking over a spot of gold


Dorado on the Popper

Tuna, Spotties and More New Flies


The Bay and Tuna fishing is epic right now. Evening trips on the bay has been producing 10 to 30 fish in the evening. Dustin, a good friend and guide for the Fly Stop, went on a tuna mission a few days ago and got a ton of fish on the boat. The time is now to book a trip. We have also been getting a few shots at Hammerheads following the tuna.



We have also added few more new flies and new colors to some of our favorites. If your looking to chase for fall run Steelhead I really like the Midnight Sun or Paint Brush. Or look at the new Wool Heads if you are lookng to hunt for a few Largemouth or Stripers chasing shad. Take a look at a few of the new patterns  below.

Wool-Head-Bass-Pike-Fly Fishing

WoolHead in Chartreuse or Grey


Skull Bugger Orange/Black also in Green/Black, Black/Red and many more.


Paint Brush 


Mardi Grais


Polar Bunny in new colors Pink/Purple, White/Pink and many more.


Midnight Sun

Yellowail vs Orvis Helios One Piece


The waters are changing almost everyday and a new push of green water has come in. We had to do a little bit of running before we found a nice patty on a break. I threw a few pieces of chum followed closely by my fly. And right on cue a fish took my fly on the first strip. After a few big head shakes she decided to play dirty and go fort he kelp. Thankfully I had the right tools to stop her from really burying me into the kelp. After bout a 10 to 15 min slugfest she came in to the boat.


This was also the first trip I got to try our new Orvis 12 weight One Piece Helios 2. The first thing I noticed was the weight of the rod. It felt like I was hold a 9 or 10 weight in hand. I had the Helios paired up with an Aspen 450, which made for a combo that I could fish all day long. The next thing I notice was how well the Helios tracked with 500 grains of shooting head on the end of the line. And when you finally come tight you don't have to worry about not being able to put the wood to the fish. I felt like had power to spare and I would not hesitate to charge after 20 pound plus tuna on the Helios 12 weight. Check out the Helios 1 piece on our website.  Better yet book at trip while the fishing is this insane.  858.500.2761


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