Halibut Mission Bay

A quick report for our local bays and Inshore fisheries. Both Mission Bay And San Diego Bay have been fishing good. I would say that San Diego Bay has been fishing better than Mission Bay for numbers. But Mission Bay has been kicking out some really nice halibut. The Big key is to find the baitfish and mullet. Clouser Minnows in Chartreuse/White and Blue/White with a Brown/Orange or Orange/Pink as the dropper fly. The Foxy Clouser in Natural and Ghostly Whisper will work great as a ghost shrimp imatation as well.

The local inshore/kelp has been fishing fairly well for Yellowtail, Bonito and Calico Bass. You will have to move around from La Jolla to Point Loma looking for the right up hill current. For the Yellowtail and Bonito have been chewing on Smushmouth in Baitfish Blue and Chart/White, Clouser Minnow in Chart/White and Iridescent Angel. The Calico have been feeding on the same baitfish patterns but they also want fly with some brown and orange colored flies. Good Luck and tight lines.

Spotted Bay Bass     Spotted Bay Bass Fly Fishing