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Fly Fishing Patterns

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing


So… 2020… after all we as humans have been through this year here comes a big flash of excitement and energy. Pyramid Lake Nevada is opening to fishing on November 2nd. Normally this place opens its season on October 1st with enormous cutthroat trout chasing down huge bait balls of Chub mimicking days out on the ocean chasing boiling yellowtail or bonito. Better late than never so here we go. 


Best Grasshopper Patterns

Best-Grasshopper-Paterns for trout

Warm windy afternoons with the clicking sounds of Grasshoppers flying through the summer breeze will get any fly anglers heart racing. But what hopper pattern should you choose? That’s always the delema when I hit up a river. What size do I use? What color? Foam or not to foam? Those are the real questions. In this blog I will go through my favorite Grasshopper patterns and when/why I fish them.

7 Best Egg Patterns for Fly Fishing

Part 1 - Winter Steelhead - Egg Pattern Flies!

If you fish for trout or steelhead in any part of the world whatsoever, it is essential that you carry an egg fly in your box! Every trout and steelhead eat egg pattern flies. Eggs in general are a very high-protein food source for these fish, and oftentimes are the only thing that they will eat. 

17 Best Steelhead Flies, Expert’s Choice

It's Time to Fish....Steelhead!!!!

Knowing what to fish and when can mean everything.

A steady drizzle is falling from a gray sky. You are standing on the edge of a swollen river with a fly box in your hand. Somewhere in those cold and murky depths, a steelhead is lurking. Which fly is going to tempt this fish that has traveled the oceans and returned to this river, not for a meal, but for the sole purpose of reproduction? 

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