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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Fly Fishing Patterns

New Flies

Over the last few weeks we have added over ten new patterns to our store. We have added a bunch new flies to our Trophy Streamers, Saltwater and Salmon/Steelhead. And we will keep adding new patterns for the next few of weeks. Here Are a few of the flies we have added.


Conehead Woolly Sculipn. Comes in Black, Tan or Olive.


Mother's Day Rabbit Strip. Comes in Chart and Blk/Chart.


Puff Puff Pass. comes in Blk/Blue, Pink/Blue, Blk/Prple and more.


Swim Right Minnow. Comes in Bighorn, Rainbow, Olive, Blue and More.


Sparkle Deceiver. Comes in Pink and Pearl.

Year of the Dorado


The year of the dorado is upon us. All most every day we are seeing kelp patties with dorado ranging from 5 to 20 pounds and even a few pushing 30 pounds. But don't think that it is just Dorado. The Yellowfin are still pushing with a few Bluefin mixed in. Some times when we are on a patty with a Dorado on the tuna will come charging in. I have had a few time were we have been doubled up with a dorado on one and a tuna on the other. And the crazy thing is that this season is only getting started. Come a book a trip with me or one of our other guide today before its too late.


The man, the myth. Kameron Brown with a nice Dodo.

San-Diego-Off-Shore-Fly Fishing

One to hand, One on the line and one resting.


It doesn't get much better


I couldn't help myself


Dustin with a nice Dodo

Offshore Fun


  Every week there is more and more pelagics moving in closer to home. We are even seeing a few hammerheads and sea turtle moving around. The Yellowfin are really starting to heat up with 15 to 30 pound fish boiling and on patties. A good chunk of the patties we come up on and either filled with Dorado or yellowtail.  I can’t wait till they really move. This is going to be an epic season. Try using the Iridescent Angel or Blue Water Baitfish Or you can book your very own trip with us so you can battle one of These pelagic fish for yourself, Click Here.


  I also got a chance to use the new Scott Meridian over the last week and man is it sweet. The 11 wt throws a 400-grain stink tip like it was shot out of a cannon. Not only could it throw far, but also I was really amazed at how little effort it took to throw that heavy of line. Here’s a more in detail review of the new Scott Meridian, Click Here. They are now available on our website.


A Spot of Gold


A fun sized dodo


This fish will not go to waste, Sushi Party.


What a beautiful day on the water

No Rain Delays


Cold rainy days usually mean a rough day for carp fishing. Dustin and I took David, David, David, Paul and Paul or for a cold wet day on the water. And no that is not a typo, 3 Davids and 2 Pauls. I have to give these guys some big props, they fished hard to and were able to get fish to hand. The carp were only up in certain places and the fly had to be put in the exact right spot to even have a chance at hooking a fish. Most of the fish came on small nymph droppers but we did have a couple of takes on the dry as well. I think if we get a warm weekend the fishing will start to really turn on.



 David With a nice Carp


 Another David with his catch 


And the release

Evening Session


   I headed out to Crown Point after work see if there where going to be any fish willing to eat a fly. I had a good incoming tide. So, I threw on my trusted old Brown over Orange Clouser and started to cover water. I took me a few casts to get my first grab and sure enough I trout set and missed the fish. But the next cast I strip set like actually knew what I was doing. It was a decent Spotty that I had to drag out of the grass a few times. I landed a few fish before I got my butt handed to me. This fish railed my fly on the first sink and ripped off about 15 to 20 feet of line. Then she dove into the grass and rolled a bit before she got stuck in the grass. I tried pulling, changing angles and slacking off the line but no success. At least I was able to get my fly back in one piece. Then I had a great sunset to end a good day on the water.


Tight Lines,


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