Appreciation Time.....

I guess when Fall arrives we all began to appreciate a lot. A new season begging, the change in weather (not always the case in SoCal) ,and the thought of the holidays ahead. It's a time of giving, a time when family, friends, and fellow Flyfisherman come together and appreciate everything that life has to offer. The appreciation often extends a bit further with the Flyfisherman, and that spawns from our coastal rivers that introduce us to such special creatures in the form of anadromous fish. Yes, the appreciation comes in many forms, and to the Flyfisherman, the sound of Steelhead Waters and the chrome that come to visit warms the soul. I better stop there or I have a tendency to go on forever about the amazing Steelhead, I'm sure most of you can relate. Anywho, back to the appreciation side of things.

So with all that being said, we here at TFS would like to extend our appreciation back to our customers and friends. The last 2 years have been full of changes and expansions, but TFS is sailing smooth. From our online customers, to the clients we have had the pleasure of fishing with, down to the everyday people we have the pleasure to meet in person, is what strives us to continue to provide the best in products and knowlege on a daily basis in pursuit of our passion we call Flyfishing. Without your continued support we would not be able to be here to accomodate you in your new adventures. We are so happy to have a place where people can come and shop, learn, and simple just shoot the stuff haha about fishing or just life in general. This is a place where new adventures begin and dreams can become reality. All of us Flyfisherman have a common bond and pursue the same passion which helps us become one community and become friends threw the Art of Flyfishing. That to me is a beautiful thing! Young or Old - Seasoned or New we are always here to help and provide the best customer service experience you can get. 

In the end, all of us here at TFS reallly appreciate the continued support and loyality and respect we have gained threw our customer base and friends. It means a lot to us to be apart of your journeys threw this amazing world of Flyfishing. Everything from the highest alpine lake down to the Maddness of the Mako we got you covered and beyond. Thanks again for being apart of our journey and allowing us to have a place we call "The Fly Stop".

From the Team @ TFS - Kory - John - Alex - Chuck - Dave - Mayce - Matt, we would like to wish you a very happy and safe Holiday Season!!.....And remember - "Flyfishing is a state of mind." Fish On!

PS: Things to come in the near future.

     * Now that Fall / Winter is here we have a bit more time on our hands to post: Blogs - Product Reviews - Flyfishing Reports / Instruction.

     * Expansion of our Retail Store - %25 increase of new Fly Patterns - New Rod Section - New Wader / Boot Section - I'm going to call it now "TFS Man Cave" haha - Females welcome as well...A place for our customers to relax surrounded by Flyfishing and Artwork from: Bob Berry - Local Artist and Wood Sculpter - Watch some fish porn - Maybe even have a home Micro Brew!!!

     * Photo Contest - Species oriented

     * March 17th - 2018 - Spring into Summer Event - Reps from varoius Manufactures - Fly Tying - Seminars - Local Guide Presentations - In Store Sales - and much more....

     * Weekly Fly Hot Picks - Know your Water

So keep posted....Until then - Tight Loops - Tight Lines = Fish On!