The International is coming to San Diego on April 26 at the Landmark Hillcrest Theater. IF4™ consists of short and feature length films produced by professional filmmakers from all corners of the globe, showcasing the passion, lifestyle and culture of fly-fishing. The films at this popular event are capturing the attention of anglers around the world. From Fishing for over-sized Rainbow Trout on dry flies to chasing our local favorite the Mako Shark and a bunch more in between. Here’s a few films we are really looking forward to seeing:


Rio de Gigantes

Film Overview: The film Rio de Gigantes by renowned filmmaker Todd Moen takes Brian O’Keefe and Moen on an adventure to Rio Negro Basin’s Rio Marié in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest in search of giant peacock bass. With crocodiles flanking their boats, golf ball-sized bumblebees swarming their hats, and piranhas chasing their flies - all in 100° heat and 90% humidity – this adventurous film captures the tradition, adventure, and true quest of fly fishing in the Amazon Rainforest.



DIYAK - Official Selection

 Film Overview: “I knew the fishing in Alaska would be good, but I didn't know it would be this good! For me, it was just as much about the adventure as it was the fishing. When a couple buddies asked if I wanted to join a 100-mile wilderness float in a remote corner of Alaska, I didn't hesitate. There's not much that beats floating down a river with your good buddies, camping wherever you want and fishing all day. It's not an easy trip though… …but for us, the reward out weighed the risk. The mouse bite was epic and the fishing from top to bottom was all-time.” - Mikey Wier


Mako - Official Selection

 Film Overview: Angler's Eye Media presents their latest adventure searching out one of the strongest, most aggressive fish on the planet - the Mako Shark. Off the Coast of southern California exists one of the world’s top Mako fisheries. With speed, strength, and what may be the most acrobatic aerials on the planet the Mako will test not only their gear and knowledge, but also your will and determination to find and catch these world-class apex predators.


These are just three of the nine total films they have showing at the IF4 this year. Tickets are $20 for General Admission and $10 for Student/Youth tickets. Tickets are available at our store or online at The doors open at 6:45pm and the movies start at 7pm. We hope to see you there and the address will be below for the theater.


Landmark Hillcrest Theater

3965 Fifth Avenue

San Diego, CA 92103