Unfortunately, a fire was started at the Lower Owens Camp Ground on Sunday the 18th of February. The Pleasant Fire quickly through the camp ground working its way down stream towards bishop. Thankfully fire crews are starting to really get a handle on the fire. As if right now it 50% contained with only few hot spot and no major flames. Unfortunately, all of the Wild Trout section was burned. The fire made its way just past Five Bridges before fire fighters were able to get a handle on the fire. As of right now most the access point to Wild Trout section of the Lower O are closed but we have heard they are hoping to open the roads either Thursday or Friday. But there are no guarantees on when it will open. It is still too early to see the effects to the fish but in years past fires have made fishing tough. We highly suggest you keep in touch with the local like The Troutfitter or Sierra Trout Magnet for more information.


 Yes, the fire affected one of our favorite fisheries but there a plenty more places that fish great in Inyo and Mono County. Hot Creek has been fishing really well with good BWO and Midges hatches. The big Rainbows are starting to make their move up into the Upper Owens. The Owens River Gorge is always a great place to wet a line. Dry/Dropper and Euro Nymphing are ideal for this small part of the Owens. Pleasant Valley Reservoir is the only lake that in open year around in the Inyo/Mono Area. You can have a great time still water Nymphing around the inlet. And finally, there’s the East Walker near Bridgeport. The drive is about an hour and half from Bishop but a chance at a 20 plus inch Brown is well worth the drive.

Latest Info on the Fire