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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Sharks, Tuna and More

Over the last few weeks fishing has really turned on. The makos are still coming into our slicks and Bluefin are just a few mlies off the beach. The Yelllowfin and Dorado are only 20 miles off and comingin closer everyday. And if the seas get nasty the Spotties are wide open in Mission Bay. Fishing is just great all around.

Spotted-Bay-Bass-double-Fly-FishingThis is how Will rolls.

Mission-Bay-Spotted-Bay-Bass-FishingI was able to get an hour of fishing in afterwork.

Mako-Shark-Fly-FishingMako on

Mako-Shark-Fly-fishing-San-DiegoWho knew that the Dude like to fish as much as me

Bluefin-Tuna-San-Diego-FishingBluefin are a ton of work to hunt down but they are worth it.

Summer is Here


      The Carp Throwdown is almost here and I bet you will need to get tuned up before the 13th. So tomorrow we will be hosting the Carp Throwndown Tuneup at Lake Hodges. The event will start at 9 am. Conway Bowman, Al Q and John Hendrickson will be there to help you fine tune your carp skills. I will be there with a few rods for you to try and cast and a few carp flies we have in our store in case you need to pick up a few.


   As for the fishing, the hoppers are finally here. I was a Henshaw a few days ago and they were out in force. The carp are not feeding on them yet but they will be very soon. Mission Bay is just about on fire in certain areas. We have been catching 10 to 30 fish in just a few hours from shore. The Spotties, Croaker and Halibut are all on the chew right now just make sure your getting down to the bottom. No Corvina yet but they will be here in the next couple of weeks. If you are having trouble with fishing fish in the Bay or need some more help with carp fishing you can book a guide trip to help you sharpen your skills.


Tyler's nice Spottie


And a Nice Yellowfin Croaker


A little late evening session

Days of blue


Went out for a few hours on Sunday to see if the sharks wanted to play. I knew I had a limited time to get a good slick going so I did a little power chumming to advance my slick. Sure enough it worked. I had a blue at the boat in no time. He was a little cautious at first but that soon changed. After playing around with the teaser for a few I grabbed the fly rod. It took a few casts to get the shark to commit to the fly. But sure enough ate the fly and the fight was on. It took him a few seconds to realize that he hooked. The blue put up a good 20 min fight. As I grabbed the lead she came unbuttoned and was off to fight another day. I decided that that was a good way to end the day and headed in to the marina.


No Rain Delays


Cold rainy days usually mean a rough day for carp fishing. Dustin and I took David, David, David, Paul and Paul or for a cold wet day on the water. And no that is not a typo, 3 Davids and 2 Pauls. I have to give these guys some big props, they fished hard to and were able to get fish to hand. The carp were only up in certain places and the fly had to be put in the exact right spot to even have a chance at hooking a fish. Most of the fish came on small nymph droppers but we did have a couple of takes on the dry as well. I think if we get a warm weekend the fishing will start to really turn on.



 David With a nice Carp


 Another David with his catch 


And the release

Last Second Charge


The time is right are the sharks are really starting to move into San Diego. Kory and I decided to head out to find a few finned creatures. The surface temps ranged from 64 to 66 degrees with plenty of life. We dropped the chum and started our first drift of the day. We had birds, seals, dolphins and even a pod of whales but no sharks to the boat. We then decided to advance our slick and move into deep water and still not a shark to the boat. Then we pulled the chum and made a 5 mile run up the bank to even deeper and cooler water. We dropped the chum again and started to wait, again. Right as we had just about give up and dumped the bucket a shark shows up. It was a 100 pound mako chewing on the chum we had just dropped. I positioned the boat to make a cast. On the first cast he was all over the fly but didn’t eat. The very next cast he turned on the fly as soon as it hit the water, I stripped the fly once and it was game on. A couple of good strip sets and hook sets it was shark on. He went to airborne a few times then went deep. I put the wood to her because there was another shark in our chum. I got her in quick as possible and Kory was able to get her off the hook. Now it was Kory’s shot for the blue. We had to tease the blue up a few time before she wanted to eat. Kory set the hook and gave the blue all she could handle. Kory brought her next to the boat and I was able to release her safely to end the day. Just goes to show why you always keep an eye out, even as you leave.

 Blue-shark-fly-fishingDeep Color

Blue-Shark-PainPain Face

Mako-Blue-shark-Fly-fishingBlue to the surface

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