If you have yet to fish balanced leeches you are missing out on some stillwater and moving water fun. These look a lot like a bugger or some sort of an Ice Dub or Angel Hair Bugger but are specifically designed to be under an indicator preferably in light chop or mildly windy conditions. They are a favorite at the salty shores of Pyramid lake for 20lb cutthroat trout and also work incredibly well for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in our local lakes. Wanna get wild with them, take your float line out the next time you hit up san diego bay You dangle a couple of these down by the rocks and structure, just be ready to watch your indicator disappear. I recommend attaching the leech to line with a perfection loop for maximum movement of the bug and I like to use them with the 1" size Air-Lock Strike Indicators to get the most float I can when hanging 2 big Balanced Leeches together. 

What You Will Need to Tie a #6 Balanced Leech - Midnight Color


- #6 Ahrex FW551 Jig Hook
- 17ga Wire Brad Nails (Got it from Hardware Store)
- TFS Brass Bead 4.8mm in Red
- Veevus 100 GSP in Black or White
- Ice Dub Midnight
- Angora Goat in Black

*We also have a TFS Balanced Leech Kit with 6 hook jig hooks, nails and beads.

Size 6 Kit

Size 8 Kit

Size 10 Kit

STEP ONE Building the balanced frame

- Start by sliding the bead onto one of the nails with the wide opening facing the head of the nail
- Position the nail on the hook and secure it with thread and super glue with the back of the nail about right where the hook point stops
- More glue


STEP 2 - The tail

 - Add in a tail of just the midnight ice dub


STEP 3 - Blending the Dubbing

- Cut the midnight dub into thirds
- Stack with the angora goat to blend evenly
- Add into a dubbing loop and twist it up
- Brush out the look to make it even

STEP 4 - Wrap

- Wrap the dubbing loop with touching turns all the way to the Tungsten Bead.
- Secure the dubbing loop with your thread
- Whip finish and glue 

STEP 5 - Fish

- Go fishing