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Carp throwdown FLy Fishing

Woahhh nelly, what an interesting deal that was...  It's that time of year when last years war stories and fish tails fueled by Pabst Blue Ribbon and warm fires are starting to get old.  "Yes Frank, I know, your rainbow trout was exactly like a the scene in a River Runs Through It except for you were all wet because you tripped on a stump and I am not sure what the fish was because you didn't get it reeled in."  We aren't yet...although out here we are starting to see warm water the point were we can start crafting the next years adventures.  It's that weird post christmas faze where we all sit around, check out new gear, check weather reports every 30 minutes on our iphones, and naw off our hands looking at trip ideas for the upcoming season.  So we thought we would take an interlude and join Zach Matthew's over at The Itenerant Angler podcast "in studio" for a little discussion on all things carp fishing, San Diego, mako shark, and most importantly the June 13th annual Carp Throwdown.

Podcast Carpthrowdown Itenerant Angler

All in all it was a pretty enjoyable hour spent talking to a tin can as if it where a person and wearing ear muffs somewhat similar to fighter pilots while trying to explain why in the heck we fish for dirty, smelly, muddy, bottom feeders.  Interestingly enough our carp fly fishing was also recently featured in the fly fishing film tour and RA Beattie production Carpland.

san diego fly fishing podcast theflystop


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Free Flies

flyfishing cymbermonday

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Shop of the Year - Gink & Gasoline

Hello to all of our fantastic customers. It's been a huge summer and fall for us this year and we have nothing but gratitude and thankfulness to every awesome one of it clear we are buttering you up? We have an awesome opportunity to get some great perks for our shop as well as expand our group of loyal customers. Vote for us in the Gink and Gasoline Fly Shop 500 where our shop is listed as a potential winner of Fly Fishing Shop of the Year!!!!



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