Mission-Bay-Yellowfin-Croaker-Fishing Hi guys and girls, the local fishing has been picking up over the last week. The Surf has been producing some nice Perch and Halibut with Clouser Minnows in Olive/White and Blue/White to imitate all the small baitfish in the water. Follow the Clouser Minnow with Beach Bugger in Rootbeer, Foxy Clouser in Natural and Surfin Merkin in Grey just to name a few. We have even been seeing a few Stripers in the surf. Most of the Stripers have been 16”-26” long and can really make an anglers day.




Speaking of Stripers, Skinner lake has been fishing prettywell along with Diamond Valley. There’s not much action on the surface but if you meter around and drop a full sink line like the Rio Deep 7 you will have a fun day on the water. Try Sparkle Minnow, Clouser Minnow in Gray/White and Name Changers.




The local bays are really starting to pick up now. San Diego Bay is definitely fishing better than Mission Bay. But Mission Bay has been kicking out some solid Halibut. Both days are clear, up 20 of visibility when on the high tide. Focus in on Baitfish/Bird schools with a change in water color. Throw Clouser Minnows Chart/White, Brown/Orange, Deep Angel, Foxy Clouser in Natural and Sculpzilla Jr in Rust.




Local keep kelp and Shark fishing has still been interesting. Somehow there are still a few Makos hanging around. I think it’s because the Bonito and Yellowtail are still here as well. But Both bite have been spotty. You can find them one day and none the next day. But it’s still a surprise to be them this late in year. I guess it’s just another day for the record book.


Please share favorite day on the water with us.