Our warm weather snap of the year is here and that means spring is just right around the corner. Most of our fisheries have been getting better every day as the sun begins to warn the water and our bodies. 

 Mission-Bay-Spotted-Bay-Bass  San-Diego-Bay-Bass

Matt and Hayden did a number on the spots 

Mission Bay - Good, we have been seeing decent fishing back around Campland and De Anza. Seems like the best bite has been on the outgoing tide. They are also have started to dredge the back of Mission Bay and will be until October, here’s the link for more information. Don't Shy away from the mud. The fish are sitting on the edges feed on clams and shrimp.

San-Diego-Bay-Fly-Fishing  Ray-fly-fishing-San-Diego

San Diego Bay - SD Bay has been on fire, everything from Spotted Bay Bass to Halibut with a few Bonefish thrown into the mix. The best fishing has been from the bridge south to the cays. Look for current edges and clam beds for the best results. Make sure to have one baitfish colored clouser minnow and a ghost shrimp imitation.

Inshore – This is the only fishery that has slowed down thanks to a 4 to 5 degree drop in water temp. The yellowtail has moved on but the Calico Bass are just getting started. Look for kelp edges in 30 to 60 feet of water of La Jolla and Point Loma.


SD Bass – The Largemouth bite is just starting to kick off. Both Otay and San Vicente have fish just starting to move up into 10 to 30 feet of water. Main and secondary points with flats are where a good chuck of the fish are staging. The Stripper at Skinner are really on the chew. Most of the fish are in 30 feet of water outside the marina but they are coming up to feed on the surface early in the morning and late in the evening.