The Carp Throwdown is almost here and I bet you will need to get tuned up before the 13th. So tomorrow we will be hosting the Carp Throwndown Tuneup at Lake Hodges. The event will start at 9 am. Conway Bowman, Al Q and John Hendrickson will be there to help you fine tune your carp skills. I will be there with a few rods for you to try and cast and a few carp flies we have in our store in case you need to pick up a few.


   As for the fishing, the hoppers are finally here. I was a Henshaw a few days ago and they were out in force. The carp are not feeding on them yet but they will be very soon. Mission Bay is just about on fire in certain areas. We have been catching 10 to 30 fish in just a few hours from shore. The Spotties, Croaker and Halibut are all on the chew right now just make sure your getting down to the bottom. No Corvina yet but they will be here in the next couple of weeks. If you are having trouble with fishing fish in the Bay or need some more help with carp fishing you can book a guide trip to help you sharpen your skills.


Tyler's nice Spottie


And a Nice Yellowfin Croaker


A little late evening session