Best-Flies-For-Carp-FishingWith The Carp Throwdown coming up on June 1st I thought it was a good idea to put together a list of my top 10 Carp Flies. Carp are omnivores which means they can will eat almost anything but they are very particular what they want to eat at that moment. I have caught carp on a Dustin’s Destoryer in Shad while fishing for bass to leaving a BH Olive Woolly Bugger on the bottom for Carp feeding on algae. We even have carp that eat grass hoppers during the right time of year.


How can one person make a decision on what fly to use for Carp. Thankfully carp are simple so if you can be sneak up quietly and make an accurate with one of these then you should have a good chance at coming tight with one of this fish at your local lake.

Carp-Crack-FlyCarp Crack

This is one of my got to flies when I see Carp moving around on muddy bottoms. All the colors work well but the Orange or Brown in a size #8 are my go to colors.


San Juan Worm

Great for cruising and bottom feeding Carp. The #12 Red San Juan is my go to but the Brown or Pink are great options as well.


BH Woolly Bugger

Yeah, pretty much every fish that swims in freshwater will eat a Woolly Bugger. Carp are included in this list. Woolly Buggers can imamate a leech, Crawdad, Algae, Minnow and the list can go on. A #10 Olive or Brown are my go to colors but you can never have enough Woolly Buggers in your box at any time.


BH Tactical Mop Fly

The Mop Fly has been clean up on Carp for almost as long as it has been for Trout. Make sure to drag a #10 Chartreuse, Tan or Orange Mop Fly along the bottom to induce a Carp to eat the fly. 


Identity Crisis

This is my go to pattern when I see a bunch of damsel and dragon flies hatching out of a lake or river. a #10 Olive or Tan Identity Crisis are two great colors.


Clouser Nymph

Conway Bowman has been using a Clouser Nymph for years to trick the massive carp that lurk in Lake Hodges. This fly has a great profile and color for a small crayfish imitation. We have the regular #8 Clouser Nymph online but you will have to come in to our shop for the bead chain version.


Glo Bug

Yes, I know there are not any salmon or trout eggs around but carp still love them. Mainly because they look a lot like a berry, corn or pellet. A #10-12 Oregon Cheese or Yellow Witha Black Dot are two good choices.


Parachute Adams

The Adams caught more Carp on the surface for me than any other fly. If I see Carp feeding on the surface, then a #10-14 Parachute Adams will be the first fly that I tie on to my line. And the pic of the Carp on the main blog page was a Carp caught on a Parachute Adams.


Foam Emerger

This for the Carp that are cluping on the surface in the scum line. Cast a #12-14 Adams or Olive  Foam Emerger as close as possible to the clupping Carp and hope for the best.


Clod Hopper

We have special time of year at Lake Henshaw where the Carp go nuts for a hopper. So we have to add this to our list. Throw on a #10-12 Clod hopper in Yellow or Tan when the sound of hoppers fill the air and a nice after afternoon breeze kicks up.

Carp Fly Assortment

We have a Carp Fly Assortment/Package for those just getting started or wanting to really dial in their Carp fly selection.

Carp on a Clod Hopper


Don't Forget that the Carp Throwndown at Lake Henshaw is coming on June 1st 2019. Stop by the shop or check out the Carp Throwdowns wesite for more information.