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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Trout Fishing

Fly Tying

Just to make sure that people know that we will be moving to a new shop on November 1st. We will be having our grand opeening on November 14. Our new address will be

The Fly Stop

9275 Trade Place

Suite E

San Diego, Ca. 92126

With the new larger location we will be able carry fly tying materials, vices  and tools. It not going to be just a few items. We will be trying to have one of the best fly tying sections in San Diego. For now it will be mainly in store but will also be adding fly tying section to our online store as well. we will be carrying 

Hareline Fly Tying

Waspi Fly Tying

Fly Men Fishing

Mustad Fly Tying

And much more.

Record 28 Pound Trout Caught in Idaho

Record trout caught 28 lbs Idaho

WOW! Now that is a fish of a lifetime...although did any one tell this guy to change his pants before he got a photo that will likely be the most epic of his life?  That, he would probably be seen by millions of people for the next 20 years sporting a blown out pair of sweats?   #fishingpants #patchthehole #5minoffame  I don't know about you but my wife would kill me.   I hear my mother in the background saying...but what if the President comes to dinner.  Okay so this guys out fishing and now we are being the fashion police but comon', a warm flannel and a crop button goes a long way in your moment of fame.  While he isn't going to hold the official record because there was no official weighin we are going to be toasting to you tonight Larry. You landed a monster fish and had the sportsmanship to let it go...kudos!  Thats why we are giving you the first ever @sportsmanaward award from us here at The Fly Stop.  

We will be doing a monthly shout out to the greatest, the most admirable, and the most despicable stories people and stories from the outdoors.  So if you have a vote  for someone you think should qualify- tweet, facebook, or instagram us, and if you are ever so lucky you too may be given an official LARRY(trophy image to come....get on that design guys.)  

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