“Spring into Summer Event 2018”

Huge Success!!

 Springtime has officially arrived and I could not think of any other way to spend St.Patricks Day than with a bunch of great people at The Fly Stop’s “Spring into Summer Event” last Saturday. It seemed to me that there were a lot of other fly fisherman with the same thing in mind because the turnout was awesome. All of us at TFS can not even begin to thank everyone that attended the event and contributed to the day to make it one to remember. The continued support that we get from our customers, wether online or in the store, is what makes these events possible and is one of our ways to give thanks back to our friends and fellow Fly Fisherman. To see so many people come together to celebrate the new Spring/Summer season ahead and support the Fly Fishing industry makes us really proud to be a part of such a passionate community of great people. We are blessed that we were able to have some of the best Reps and Fly Fisherman in the Western States here so people had a chance to meet, talk, learn and simply become friends with these amazing guys. In the years to come this event will continue to grow and with the support of our customers we will continue to strive for the best in all we do. Thanks to all who were here at the event and to the ones that couldn't make it we understand….next time. 

Always remember “Fly Fishing is a State of Mind” - Fish On and Tight Lines to all.


Special Thanks goes out to our Vendors, Fly Tiers and Speakers……

  • Alex Rameriez - Rep : Sage - Redington - Rio - Fishpond - Outcast 
  • Matt Callies - Rep : Ross - Abel - Scott - Echo - Loon Outdoors
  • Hutch Hutchinson - Rep : Orvis
  • Todd Suttle - Rep : Simms - Hatch
  • Bruce Skinner - Rep : Patagonia
  • Darren Elmore - Rep : R.L. Winston - Umpqua - Scientific Angler
  • Chuck Waterman - Rep : Temple Fork Outfitters

Speakers and Fly Tiers….

  • Glenn Ueda : Sight Fishing Corbina / Corbina Flies
  • Dave Valadez : Calico Syndicate - Calico Bass on the Fly / Calico Flies
  • Adam Perez & Todd Suttle : Stillwater Tactics / Stillwater Flies
  • Keith Munemitsu : Better Pics for Social Media
  • Chuck Waterman : Deer Hair Patterns
  • Hutch Hutchinson : Fix Your / Buddies Cast
  • Sam Vasily : The Sierra TroutDoorsman / Fly Fishing Guide Service

Last but far from least! - Huge Thanks to Alex Cady for organizing this event and making it all come together. Also a Big Thanks goes out to Cynthia Cady and Hal Cady for providing food and their time for everyone at the event as well, not to mention at their own expense. We are very thankful for such great people to help make the day a success.

 *MikeHess Brewery supplied the tasty Micro Brew and we thank you for the contribution along with supporting The Fly Stop.


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