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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Tuna Trip

Tuna-Yellowtail-Dorado-Ocean-Fly-Fishing-San-DiegoOur first tuna trip of the season is less than two weeks away and we still have a couple of spots available. The fish counts have been going up almost every day. They landed over 1000 yellowtail and over 200 Yellowfin just yesterday. The dorado are just starting to come in US water.  The scary thing is that it will only get better in the next week. 

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Here's a small sample from a tuna trip last year with Mac. 

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Sage X-Series Fly Rod

Ok, Sage has got an awesome new fly rod out - the "X" series.  And before you go thinking... ya, ya , ya, another new fly rod, you should really take a minute and check this thing out.  If not, at least listen to what we have to say.


The Sharks Just Keep Coming

Mako Shark Fishing

John with a nice Mako to hand

The Mako Shark fishing continues to be red hot into July. We have been seeing three to eight sharks almost every day. To keep things really exciting we have been getting five to ten pound Bonita showing up in our slick. And Soon as you hook the Bonita the sharks are close behind. We have even had a few Bonita taken by sharks right at the boat. Make for some really excited Makos.

The Yellowtail, YellowFin and Dorado have finally been showing up our local waters as well. Its just been hard to getting away from the red hot Mako bite to check it out. I will get out some time this week to check on how good the tuna biting is. 

Mako Shark Fly Fishing San Diego

Dave with another Mako the same day


Shark Week is Here

Mako Shark Hero Shot

Looking to test your skills and strength? Well now is the time to pull on a Mako Shark in sunny San Diego. Just over the last couple of week the Makos have been pouring in to our local water. We have been seeing anywhere from two to six sharks a day. This bite will not last for a long period with warm water and tuna on their way to Southern California. 

Shark Looking For A Meal Mako By The Boat


This is what it looks like when a 100 pound Mako decides it wants to eat your fly….

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