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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Days of Yellow



  I went to visit Henshaw the other day to see how the fishing was and to check up on the water levels. To my surprise the lake is still up. Looks like the are only draining water on the weekend for the casino. And now to the fishing. I didn’t not see any fish looking up the whole day. The only active fish I could find were rooting around on the bottom. Make sure to bring your Two-Tone San Juan Worn, Spork and Carp Crack.



Jake with a good yellow

Today I took out Jake and Deb out to see if we could find a few sharks that wanted to play. Searched around to find the right water and life. We drifted for a while with the chum bucket but no luck. But all the signs were right for finding some tuna. We found a couple of boilers and were able to pick up a few. The fishing will only get better and we still have a days open if you would like to catch a tuna on the fly, Click Here for more info on an offshore trip.


The whale was getting some frequent flyer miles

Offshore Fun


  Every week there is more and more pelagics moving in closer to home. We are even seeing a few hammerheads and sea turtle moving around. The Yellowfin are really starting to heat up with 15 to 30 pound fish boiling and on patties. A good chunk of the patties we come up on and either filled with Dorado or yellowtail.  I can’t wait till they really move. This is going to be an epic season. Try using the Iridescent Angel or Blue Water Baitfish Or you can book your very own trip with us so you can battle one of These pelagic fish for yourself, Click Here.


  I also got a chance to use the new Scott Meridian over the last week and man is it sweet. The 11 wt throws a 400-grain stink tip like it was shot out of a cannon. Not only could it throw far, but also I was really amazed at how little effort it took to throw that heavy of line. Here’s a more in detail review of the new Scott Meridian, Click Here. They are now available on our website.


A Spot of Gold


A fun sized dodo


This fish will not go to waste, Sushi Party.


What a beautiful day on the water

Creatures of the Night

I was had a few free days this week so I decided to change things up and head back to the OC for an evening session on the wall as well as a Catalina run. The Wall fished pretty dang well with a 6, a couple of 5s and a good number of 4s to hand. Catalina was really good for 1 to 2 pound Calicos but there were so many that it was hard to get throught them to find the Bonito and Yellowtail. All in all it was another successfull trip. Now its back to chasing tuna and makos. 


One of the 5 pounders we caught


Jeff with the other 5 for the night


That fly is gone

Sharks, Tuna and More

Over the last few weeks fishing has really turned on. The makos are still coming into our slicks and Bluefin are just a few mlies off the beach. The Yelllowfin and Dorado are only 20 miles off and comingin closer everyday. And if the seas get nasty the Spotties are wide open in Mission Bay. Fishing is just great all around.

Spotted-Bay-Bass-double-Fly-FishingThis is how Will rolls.

Mission-Bay-Spotted-Bay-Bass-FishingI was able to get an hour of fishing in afterwork.

Mako-Shark-Fly-FishingMako on

Mako-Shark-Fly-fishing-San-DiegoWho knew that the Dude like to fish as much as me

Bluefin-Tuna-San-Diego-FishingBluefin are a ton of work to hunt down but they are worth it.

Summer is Here


      The Carp Throwdown is almost here and I bet you will need to get tuned up before the 13th. So tomorrow we will be hosting the Carp Throwndown Tuneup at Lake Hodges. The event will start at 9 am. Conway Bowman, Al Q and John Hendrickson will be there to help you fine tune your carp skills. I will be there with a few rods for you to try and cast and a few carp flies we have in our store in case you need to pick up a few.


   As for the fishing, the hoppers are finally here. I was a Henshaw a few days ago and they were out in force. The carp are not feeding on them yet but they will be very soon. Mission Bay is just about on fire in certain areas. We have been catching 10 to 30 fish in just a few hours from shore. The Spotties, Croaker and Halibut are all on the chew right now just make sure your getting down to the bottom. No Corvina yet but they will be here in the next couple of weeks. If you are having trouble with fishing fish in the Bay or need some more help with carp fishing you can book a guide trip to help you sharpen your skills.


Tyler's nice Spottie


And a Nice Yellowfin Croaker


A little late evening session

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