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The Miniature But Great Blue Wing Olive

Blue Wing Olive

It's that time!  In most rivers across the U.S., the first rising trout of the year are starting to appear.  Chance's are, this is what they are rising to...... Blue Wing Olives, or Baetis, like some fancy fly fisherman like to call them.  You can find them hatching from now until about May, then again from September thru November.  Typical sizes for these mayflies are 16 thru 20.  If your going fishing this weekend, don't leave home without them!

Weekend Fishing Report March 22 2014

Capt. John reported tough fishing conditions again at Hodges this pastSaturday.  With cooler temps, low visibility, and a lot of wind, the bass were mainly uncooperative.  Although, a guy fishing conventional tackle, did land a 10.7 lb bucket mouth on a white chatter bait.  He too said the fishing was tough, as that was the only fish he caught all day.  (If I landed a bass of that size, that would be the best fishing day of my life!)  The potential to catch a fish of that nature, exists everyday at Lake Hodges, and now is the time to get them.  As some fish prepare to spawn, and others finish spawning, they become very aggressive and very hungry as well.  I know John will not stop until he hooks one of these behemoths!

The Carp Throwdown is Back Baby! 2014

carp throwdown Lake Henshaw


The Carp Throwdown is back and better than ever!  Come on out and get involved.  This year we will be having a free carp fishing info session at's Bird Rock Fly Shop (date tbd) as part of the runup to the tourney.  If you havent participated in the past because you where shy or didnt know what to do---like any of us actually do---this year we are getting rid of the reasons for excuses!  Stay tuned and drop by for beer and carp fishing tactics session with John Hendrickson and others.  Sign up today!

Bass and Carp Report From Lake Hodges

Lake Hodges 
Sunday March 16th:

Capt. John, along with his two friends Ted and Josh, fished Lake Hodges this past Sunday from 7am til 3pm
John reported that the water level in the lake had come up about two feet since last weekend, and that the morning air temp was in the mid 50's.  They started the day off fishing for bass by throwing a wide variety of baitfish patterns.  They finally found some success on an grey and white clouser minnow, but mainly the bass were being pretty stingy.  He thought that with the higher water levels, coinciding with the full moon, that the fish had moved  back out into the deeper water.  By the middle of the day, the air temp was in the 80's, and they decided to check out what the carp were doing.  That turned out to be a bust, as most of them were starting to spawn, paying no attention to the fly what so ever.  The moral of the story.......even though it feels like it's the middle of Summer here, the fishing at Lake Hodges was on the slow side for them.  But Capt. John feels as if it is ready to break loose any day.  Any chances are, he'll probably be there when it does.

Saint Patricks Day Green

Green Drake, Foam Emerger

Happy Staint Patricks Day!  In honor of such a great holiday which so adequately blends drinking and comradery....much like a good day on the water, we decided to profile the green drake.

Western Green Drakes are crawler mayflies that hand out in fast moving riffles and run where a nice current keeps oxygen and nutrients in the plenty.  The are tough, strong, strongman types that will rarely get pulled away by the current and set adrift.  Many people don't fish these nymphs until almost the start of emerging.

In most rivers and streams they get close to adulthood (around May or June) they will begin a migration to more relaxed currents and mid flows.  This is when they are going to be found drifting down stream right in to a hungry trouts waiting mouth.  Even as the duns begin to come on the scene the fish will continue the smorgasbord of large healthy nymphs.

Even the dimmest trout in the flow catch on to the duns and start keeping a watchful eye for these large treats with slow drying wings and long float times.

Key Sizes

Nymphs 6 - 12 in Runs and Riffles

Emergers 6 - 12  in Runs

Dun 6 - 12 in Slow current

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