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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Tungsten Beads

Ever since I started fishing, it was engrained into my head the value of tungsten beads, especially when euronymphing.  Tungsten has a density of 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter, while brass has a density of 8.73 grams per cubic centimeter and lead being 11.34 grams per cubic centimeter. 

The added density means a smaller bead to get your fly down into the feeding zone.  With the popularity of euronymphing, this is now more or less common knowledge amongst fly anglers.  As a Competition Angler, I get asked for my opinion on all facets of fly angling, and I’m always happy to share my thoughts.  Tungsten beads comes up quite frequently, and in the past I’ve shared my opinion based on empirical data, but never have I backed this empirical data up with hard cold facts. 


Fly Tying Night


We have finally got our act together and decided to host a Free fly tying night at the shop. Our tying night will be on the second Wednesday of every month from 5 pm to 8 pm. The first tying night will be coming up on February 12th......

Best Steelhead Flies - Nymphs

Steelhead Flies - Volume 2

Bead Headed Flies - Dead Drift Bugs

Winter Steelhead Flies

Steel head bead head

So this brings us to our next category of flies for steelhead in the winter. Yes....the dead drift bugs...and yes indicator fishing. So fishing this style on a switch or single hand rod can can be a test of how deep, how much weight, and all about the right drift. A game of countless mends and single hand spey cast, roll cast, and again mending. I guess thats why they all say the steelhead is a fish of a thousand cast...or two.  



7 Best Egg Patterns for Fly Fishing

Part 1 - Winter Steelhead - Egg Pattern Flies!

If you fish for trout or steelhead in any part of the world whatsoever, it is essential that you carry an egg fly in your box! Every trout and steelhead eat egg pattern flies. Eggs in general are a very high-protein food source for these fish, and oftentimes are the only thing that they will eat. 

17 Best Steelhead Flies, Expert’s Choice

It's Time to Fish....Steelhead!!!!

Knowing what to fish and when can mean everything.

A steady drizzle is falling from a gray sky. You are standing on the edge of a swollen river with a fly box in your hand. Somewhere in those cold and murky depths, a steelhead is lurking. Which fly is going to tempt this fish that has traveled the oceans and returned to this river, not for a meal, but for the sole purpose of reproduction? 

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