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Catch and Release

A recent picture post sparked a bit of a debate on catch and release. I figured moving it in to its own topic would prove more beneficial to effectively covering the topic and making it informative. My personal stance: Catch and release is a great, often beneficial, necessary thing. Many fisheries, especially with wild, naturally reproducing stocks of desirable game fish (whether indigenous or introduced) will greatly benefit from the release of that fish to live, reproduce, and provide angling opportunities down the road. Catch and release is not always necessary, beneficial, or even the legal thing to do in every situation, however. During my younger days, I bought in to "release everything you catch" philosophy. As I gained more experience, and learned the intricacies of different fisheries, my opinion on this changed drastically. Whether the fishery is overrun with an invasive species that competes with native stocks, a species blowing up in population out of control, a very healthy stock where sport angling take will not effect the escapement of spawning (the pink salmon runs near me fall in this category), anadramous (sea run) hatchery released fish that must be removed prior to the wild fish spawn, or is just a put and take fishery etc. There is no blanket statement for when and where C&R is the right thing to do. The most important thing: Educate yourself on the species, and fishery in which you are fishing. Follow the laws, and do what will be best for that particular fishery. And take home some hard earned meat when you can! Edit: Things you can do to increase the survival rate of fish - For trout: Don't fish when the water temperatures are high (above 60-65f, depending on where you are). Trout are a coldwater fish, and warm temperatures put increased stress on them, and make them more vulnerable to infections. If you use a net, avoid knotted nylon nets. These cause injury and abrasions to fish while removing their protective membrane layer. Try to acquire catch and release friendly nets. Never put fish, especially trout, on dry ground (for the same reason as the knotted nets) Never put your fingers in a fish's gill plates. Many anglers are drawn to this as a handle, but it will seal that fish's fate after you touch the inside of the gill plate. Don't squeeze the fish Use barbless whenever possible Use properly sized equipment, and never prolong a fight longer than necessary. Long fights cause lactic acid buildups in the fish's muscles, and can lead to increased mortality. - curtosy of sub reddit Fly Fishing.