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Cheap Fishing Gear Sale

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At The Fly Stop we think that getting cheap fishing gear is an important thing.  Yeah its great to have all the latest and greatest rods, reels, lines, and flies available but you also have to have some great deals as well.  So we are making a special page just for stuff thats discounted, reduced, on sale, or was a really cheap price for what you get in the first place!  Sometimes its better to save a few dollars on some things so you can redistribute it over to the really awesome piece of tackle your have been coveting. 

Cheap fishing gear? Does it exist, especially in the sport of fly fishing? Yes. Most everyone looking for a deal in the fly fishing industry will quickly realize that most everything priced in this sport is priced by the manufacturer. Manufacturers from Orvis to Patagonia to Rio all dictate the retail price you see in the store. Fly shops like ours are strictly forbidden from discounting. This, in their mind, creates a fairer market, and one in which customers buy from shops that are helpful and informative, not solely because they are cheap.

With all that being said, where can deals be found in this industry? Well, one place is right here, The Fly Stop, but more on that in a bit. Most the discounts you will find or come across are either closeout or discontinued items. Fly shops that are going out of business are free to liquidate their inventory for any price they choose. They will not be placing future orders with manufacturers so if the manufacturer disapproves of the price, it does not matter. The other option is discontinued products. When a product line is revamped or redone, shops need room to get rid of the old and carry the new. When an item is removed from a product line, all bets are off, and shops are now free to sell at any price they choose. This works out well, shops free up inventory and cash for new product, and manufactures get their new product on store shelves. Most online deals will fall into one of these two categories, at least in respect cheap fly fishing gear.

The other discount you will find is manufacturer approved sales. This can be seen with various companies when they will run specials and other various discounts. Orvis will run a month long 20 percent off special on a new rod for example. They will extend this deal through their network of shops and dealers, who are now free to pass the savings along to consumers. This type of sale works well as everyone has the same discount in the same time frame. The best time to find these deals are during product launches as well as seasonal (Christmas) specials.

We at The Fly Stop can help save you money in many ways that most shops can’t. As the manufacturer and distributor and retailer of our own flies tied by us for us, we dictate all aspects of the pricing. Our flies make us unique in that we are not reselling another manufacturer’s product, we are the manufacturer. We are the retailer. Middle men are lost and savings are earned for our customers. This can amount to a huge savings. Also, in the sport of fly fishing nothing gets used up more than flies. The savings can really add up, and while you are here you can pick up all the gear from other manufacturers as well. With our bricks and mortar store we offer the top names in the industry. So stop on by and save yourself a ton on flies, and get the other gear you need, too. Heck, spend 60 bucks, and we will even ship for free, so have a seat and save the gas if that is what pulls your tippet tight.