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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Customer Reviews

From time to time you guys make a much appreciated effort to write us notes,letters, or emails telling us about your expeirence with our little shop.  

I just wanted to inform you, I am ecstatic at the careful packaging and even better the color printout so I know which fly is which. 

Thank you very much for the extra effort, it is much appreciated!! You have won my business as well as anyone I can refer! :) 

Matthew Garrett

I've tied since I was 12.  Good flies and bad flies catch fish so me spending 2.5$ to buy flies just won't cut it...ever.  I've tried the other cheap fly dealers and those flies will literally fall apart at times before I get them tied on.

The Fly Stop flies are amazing for the price and I've consistently put in 100$+ orders for myself and fishing partners every year.  They are really quality, as hard as that is to believe its true.

They look great and match the patterns on the picture to a T.  They have nice hackles that are tied very well and not a mess in the least.  No cement on the hook eyes. The thread heads are good for almost every pattern and not ugly and glued up.  The tiny patterns are great and show no quality detriment as the size decreases.  The bodies and dubbing don't twist when you grab them and they don't slide back when you pull on them to finish your knot (a BIG quality shower if you've ever tied).  Their fly durability on par with the 2.5$ flies. I mean they will catch fish and hold up through multiple catches (I fish for Idaho Cutthroats and Redsides...get lots of fish in a day).

I've spent a decent amount of money elsewhere on other retailers of inexpensive flies (Dan the Fly Dealer comes to mind) and they barely last through one fish literally.  The hooks are good and I rarely miss a fish strike, which tells me they are doing their job perfectly.

Overall these are a great buy and the selection is vast and every fly has a nice personal message about it and its use (which is nice for patterns I'm not familiar with). Not to mention the website design itself is top notch, which is a BIG deal when you have to spend a few days collaborating with buddies on which 20-30 patterns you are buying.

Love the website (I've been a web designer in the past).  It's also INCREDIBLY up-to-date and even manages your CART well if flies go out of stock while they are in your cart.  Shipping, wow...its unbelievably fast. Customer Service is fantastic and responsive and personal.

As a manufacturing/product development consultant I can tell you that the company is clearly structured well to get products supplied/developed overseas, well stocked local inventory, huge selection, high quality in bulk and also shipped, delivered and serviced at a high level.

Portland, OR
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