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Hareline Fly Tying Materials

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  1. 1/8" Evazote Foam

    1/8" Evazote Foam

    This closed cell foam floats great and can take a beating. Takes permanent markers well. 1/8 inch thick. Two sheets of 3x 4 1/2" foam.
  2. 3D Holographic Eyes

    3D Holographic Eyes

    These domed eyes have always been great sellers so we have expanded the size and color range. The SUPER PEARL is an amazing color. It is a semi transparent hue that is influenced by the color it is placed over and yet keeps its super pearl qualities. You will love them!
  3. Aluminum Hair Stacker

    Aluminum Hair Stacker

    Simple easy hair stackers that will help you get hair perfectly lined up and read to tie.
  4. Aluminum Sea Eye

    Aluminum Sea Eye

    These light weight dumbell are great for larger pike or tuna flies. Add 3D Holographic Eyes to add more pizzazz to your flies. Med use 7/32" eyes, Lg 5/16" eyes
  5. Angora Goat Dubbing

    Angora Goat Dubbing

    Coarse, spiky and ideal for stoneflies, salmon, steelhead and leech patterns. Great for dubbing loops.
  6. Arctic Fox Body Hair

    Arctic Fox Body Hair

    A fine textured, durable hair for winging steelhead, sea-run cutthroat & streamer flies.
  7. Baitfish Emulator

    Baitfish Emulator

    A beautiful mix of differently textured thin mylars with a specially treated edge for winding. All you need to do to make baitfish and other patterns is wind Emulator Flash two or three turns, tie off, add some Holographic Eyes, Clear Cure Goo and you have a great fish & customer catching fly.
  8. Barred & Speckled Legs

    Barred & Speckled Legs

    Terrific silicone rubber leg material that combines speckles, bars and pattern and will add realism to any legged pattern.
  9. Beadmaster Tool

    Beadmaster Tool

    Will help you place beads on hooks without the loss of blood. Will work with all sizes of beads.
  10. Black Barred Rabbit Strips

    Black Barred Rabbit Strips

    The great actions of rabbit now with black barring. Come in two sizes: 1/8" and 1/4".
  11. Bleached Elk Hair

    Bleached Elk Hair

    This blond bleached elk hair enhances visibility in rough water and low light conditions.
  12. Bodkin Holder and Cleaner

    Bodkin Holder and Cleaner

    Make sure your bodkin is cleaned after every use with the Bodkin Cleaner and holder. It come with a Bodkin in the kit
  13. Brass Cone Heads

    Brass Cone Heads

    Quality brass cone head beads made for fly tying. Great for streamers, Muddler Minnows, Woolly Buggers and other baitfish. 24 per package.
  14. Brass Eyes

    Brass Eyes

    The quickest way to add action and weight to any pattern. These Brass Barbell eyes come in a full range of sizes to meet your tying needs.
  15. Brown Barred Rabbit Strips

    Brown Barred Rabbit Strips

    1/4" and 1/8" rabbit strips with brown barring. Great for leech and baitfish patterns.
  16. Bruiser Blend

    Bruiser Blend

    Fine acrylic 2" fiber with just the right amount of flash. Great for building heads on streamers.
  17. Bruiser Blend Dispenser

    Bruiser Blend Dispenser

    Fine acrylic 2" fiber with just the right amount of flash. Great for building heads on streamers.
  18. Bugger Hackle Patch

    Bugger Hackle Patch

    Great taper for all you woolly bugger needs.
  19. Bulldog Tweezer Clamp

    Bulldog Tweezer Clamp

    A handy and indispensable tool. Perfect for dealing with smaller feathers used for cheeks, horns etc. These tweezers work in the reverse from conventional tweezers. Instead of pressing them together to hold something, you must press in order to release the material.
  20. Cactus Chenille

    Cactus Chenille

    Want to add a little flash to your Woolly Bugger? Then here's your answer, Cactus Chenille. With its pearlescent fiber it will add a little flash to any fly.
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