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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Tacky Fly Boxes

Tacky Fly Boxes

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  1. Tacky Big Bug Box

    Tacky Big Bug Box

    The Tacky Big Bug Box has a specific silicone mat designed to carry large flies.

    Regular Price: $32.95

    Special Price $26.95

  2. Tacky Big Bug Box

    Tacky Big Bug Box

    With a capacity of 144 flies, you can easily pare down your collection of streamer boxes.
  3. Tacky Catch All Box - 2X

    Tacky Catch All Box - 2X

    With a massive 398 fly capacity, you'll have plenty of room for a wide range of flies.
  4. Tacky Day Pack

    Tacky Day Pack

    Organize your flies by hatch, river or season in one small package with the Tacky Day Pack
  5. Tacky Day Pack - 2X

    Tacky Day Pack - 2X

    The Day Pack 2X is truly the minimalists dream setup.
  6. Day-Pack-tacky-box-new

    Tacky Day Pack Box

    The New Day Pack Box. The Original Tacky Fly Box had rave reviews. Now in 2015 they have come out with a second smaller box with more capacity....what! The staggered rows of slots have cutouts with a unique teardrop shape that makes insertion easier...but this mode has slits in two directions, doubling your ability to store your little bugs. 180 yes, that's right 180 comfortable little homes for you to stay equipped on a succesful day out on the water. Check out the review

    Regular Price: $22.95

    Special Price $16.95

  7. Tacky Deluxe Fly Box

    Tacky Deluxe Fly Box

    A collaboration between Orvis and Tacky to create an exclusive high-volume, low-profile, and highly durable fly box. Tacky mats are silicone that hold flies tighter and are much more durable with excellent resistance to the elements. Polycarbonate box has a slim profile, won't warp, takes up less room in vest pockets than most other boxes and has a secure latch-free magnetic closure. Facing mats offer a capacity of 336 flies. Teardrop and slit designed to hold size 10 to 18 flies, but will hold larger and smaller flies with ease.
  8. Tacky Dropper Fly Box

    Tacky Dropper Fly Box

    Designed in an exclusive collaboration between Tacky and Orvis. The perfect box to organize flies for dropper fishing. One side has the Original Tacky Mat for small nymphs and the other side has the Big Bug Tacky Mat for larger patterns such as streamers, hoppers, stimulators, parachutes, and larger nymphs. Holds 240 flies total. Tacky silicone mats hold better and are much more durable. The box is a tough polycarbonate that won't warp and closes with a secure magnetic closure. Slim profile takes up less room in your vest than most other fly boxes.
  9. Tacky Dry Fly Box

    Tacky Dry Fly Box

    Most boxes smash delicate dry fly hackle when anchoring a fly, but with this 3D mat design, that is no longer an issue. 7” x 3.75” x 1” Flies not included
  10. Tacky Fly Dock

    Tacky Fly Dock

    The Ideal quick-access pad for flies of any size, from tiny midges to extra large streamers.
  11. Tacky Flydrophobic SD Box

    Tacky Flydrophobic SD Box

    From it’s waterproof and breathable nature, to the silicone mat and anchoring system. The box not only looks amazing, but it is packed full of functional innovation.
  12. Tacky The Orginal Fly Box - 2X

    Tacky The Orginal Fly Box - 2X

    Enter the 2X, sporting all the game-changing features of the original box with double the space.
  13. Tacky The Original Fly Box

    Tacky The Original Fly Box

    The signature silicone anchoring pad holds flies tighter, doesn't absorb water, withstands extreme temperature swings and won't get torn up by sharp hook points.
  14. Tacky The Tube

    Tacky The Tube

    A new take on an old favorite. Tacky has brought the fly patch into the 21st century with The Tube. The Tubes silicon slits holds flies tight, just like all their other boxes. It's tubular design promotes airflow to help dry flies and makes sure your flies don’t get knocked off by trees or brush. Add in a magnetic drop spot on both sides and you have a fly patch fit for this century.
  15. The Predator

    The Predator

    While the Big Bug Box is great for smaller streamers, sometimes you just need something bigger. The Predator Box is exactly what it sounds like, a box for the BIG stuff! For a box this size that will hold the size flies you need, Tacky completely redesigned the silicone anchoring system in this box.
Set Descending Direction

Grid List