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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Wading Accessories

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  1. AlumiBite™ Cleat (10-Puck)

    AlumiBite™ Cleat (10-Puck)

    A cleat from Simms that is specifically engineered to fit with our Vibram® rubber outsoles - utilizing corrosion-free aluminum to conform to micro-surfaces of rocks
  2. Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net - Brown trout

    Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net - Brown trout

    The Nomad Emerger net was designed to work with both packs and vests. The longer handle can easily tuck behind a pack but is not too long to hang off the back of a vest.
  3. Gravel Guards Charcoal

    Gravel Guards Charcoal

    Arm your wading boots with the debris stymieing abilities of the best-fitting Gravel Guards ever built, bar none.
  4. Guide Guard Socks

    Guide Guard Socks

    These durable, comfortable neoprene socks + your wading boots = easy, wader-less fishing.
  5. Guide Wet Wading Sock

    Guide Wet Wading Sock

    The New Guide Wet Wading Sock was designed with comfort, cushioning and anti-abrasion performance in mind while wet wading you local stream, river, lake or ocean
  6. HardBite™ Star Cleat (10-Puck)

    HardBite™ Star Cleat (10-Puck)

    Developed specifically for use with our Vibram® rubber soles, the HardBite™ Star Cleats offer the best stud solution for added stability in difficult wading conditions. Use separately or in combination with our HardBite™ Studs.
  7. Infinity Gravel Guards

    Infinity Gravel Guards

    One size fits all. The full-length hook-and-loop closure provides infinite adjustment for maximum protection against wader-damaging sand and gravel. Special nylon lace hook will not detach while wading.
  8. Linekurv Stripping Basket

    Linekurv Stripping Basket

    The Linekurv Stripping Basket helps control your line and lets you move fast through the water. Its a must if you fish the surf here in San Diego.


    You'll enjoy comfortable feet and more time on the water with our neoprene wading socks.
  10. Neoprene Wading Belt

    Neoprene Wading Belt

    Snap back combines the adjustability of a snap back with the comfort of the stretch sweatband.
  11. Orvis Posigrip Screw-In Studs

    Orvis Posigrip Screw-In Studs

    These aggressive tunsten-carbide tipped screw-in studs that can be added to any wading boot with at least ½" of midsole depth. The sharp tip allows for quick and easy isntallation into felt or rubber outsoles. A must where maximum traction is needed. ¼" hex head screws. Adapter for power drill included. 20 studs per pack. Made in the USA.


    Newly developed and field tested by Orvis fly-fishing and hunting staff, the new Wader Sock is ready to take you from hearth to field in total comfort.
  13. Pro Wading Staff

    Pro Wading Staff

    BECOME A WADING WIZARD Sourcing steelhead across the roiling waters of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is easier with an ally at your side
  14. Redington Stretch Wading Belt

    Redington Stretch Wading Belt

    Redington's Stretch Wading Belt is a classic, stretch nylon and spandex webbing belt that features a 2" custom buckle. Available in one size but adjusts for a comfortable, secure fit.
  15. Replacement Laces

    Replacement Laces

    High quality denier nylon laces for increased lifespan. Feeds easily through boot hooks and eyelet. FEATURES High quality denier nylon laces for increased lifespan Feeds easily through boot hooks and eyelets Laces measure 74" long
  16. Right Angle Wading Insert

    Right Angle Wading Insert

    A supportive footbed heel for improved posture on the river.
  17. Ripcord Wading Staff

    Ripcord Wading Staff

    Design was adapted from avalanche probe technology. Quick and easy to use, but can easily prevent a wading disaster. Four-section collapsible wading staff assembles in seconds. Built with light and strong 7075 aluminum and kernmantle climbing cord that won't absorb moisture, fray, or stretch.
  18. Simms M's Merino Midweight Hiker Sock

    Simms M's Merino Midweight Hiker Sock

    Midweight Merino wool half-calf sock.
  19. Simms Neoprene Flyweight Sock

    Simms Neoprene Flyweight Sock

    Technical wet-wading socks for use with Simms Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe.
  20. Simms Neoprene Wading Socks

    Simms Neoprene Wading Socks

    An improved anatomical fit, lets feet breath yet keeps them warm in cooler water.
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Wading accessories make wading your favorite river easy. Things like wading staffs, wading belts, and guard socks, help to keep you safe, comfortable, and on the water all day long.