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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Fly Fishing Flies

Fly Fishing Fly or Fli depending on how cool your are.  What they heck are they.

What is the best fly fishing fly? That is a tough question, but one that is often asked. To be honest there is not just one fly. There are best fly fishing flies for every situation. One can’t just pick a fly and consider it the best. One particular fly fishing fly, however, can be the best for a certain situation. Time of day and year, location, river conditions, etc. all dictate the best fly for that day. With all that being said, let me go ahead and give you some picks of my favorite flies in the top 3 categories. I am going to leave out the Adams, Light Cahills, Pheasant Tails, and Woolly Buggers. Any person who has ever read anything written about this sport knows those are the do all end all fly patterns, and that article was already written.


Paraquads in various colors. Why? As far as trout flies go, they have everything and cover it all. From emerger to dun they mimic both, and quite well.


Baetis (BWO) nymph. Why? Baetis are the most prolific Mayfly there is. They hatch at various times throughout the year as well, and are extremely widespread. So, if there is a mayfly that is active at many times of the year and located in most waters, you might as well fish one.


Name Changer. Why? Simple, because it is freaking awesome. My theory is when throwing a streamer, I am hunting the top of the food chain. The top of the food chain likes meat, it is what’s for dinner. So why not offer it to them. Big fish like big streamers, and if I am fishing streamers I am focused on pounds of trout, not inches.


But really, flys????! and obsession---they come in all shapes and sizes, colors, materials, imitations, derivations and whatever "tions" you can think of---but whatever you like we can't get enough of them!  Whenever we find one that works on the river or on the flats to catch a fish we think its the best, until we find one that works better!  That's the nature of the angler and of the fly stop, constantly trying to one up himself and seek perfection in his art form until he is the best version of himself....and by that I mean he catches the most and biggest fish to talk about while having a beer around the camp fire.  Whatever the reason we just keep growing our cataloge of flies to include over 2000 patterns.  We have anything and everything you could possilbly imagine.  From tiny little size 24 dry flies to 3/0 monster musky flies. Click here to see our full selection of  Fly Fishing Flies!


Fly Fishing Flys or Flies if you like, are used for all species of fish. Trout paterns, salmon patterns, little crabs and shrimp for the flats or surf to hook up on bonefish, tarpon or rooster fish.  Out here in San Diego we even have Mako Shark patterns.