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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!


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  1. Cliff's Crab Shack

    Cliff Crab Shack

    This is a great box for crab and shrimp patterns.
  2. Cliff Days Worth

    Cliff Days Worth

    This makes for a great pocket box!
  3. Cliff The Head Liner

    Cliff The Head Liner

    If you’ve fished for a while, chances are somewhere in your fishing rig there are flies impaled in the upholstery. Of course, a few of these flies inevitably have barbs and are there to stay. Now, if you want to be like Big Cliff and decorate the F-150 that way, that’s fine, but a better alternatives would be to get yourself the Head Liner. It fits on all visors and can be easily removed. The slotted foam securely holds all flies. Add a push pin and you can also temporarily attach those items (to-do lists, parking tickets) that aren’t really important, but you may want to keep.
  4. Cliff The Intruder

    Cliff The Intruder

    The perfect box for intruder -style steelhead flies.
  5. Cliff The Little Dipper

    Cliff The Little Dipper

    Do you remember your first fly box? Chances are, it was a long time ago and the memory is already long forgotten. What the folks at Cliff would like to do is make that first box memorable. If a kid makes something, they remember it. That is why we are making available the Little Dipper fly box kit. Use the kid as a fun parent/kid project. Simply recycle one of those cans (jerky, bubble gum, devil dirt), add the blue foam in the lid and the magnet in the bottom and you have a very practical fly box. More importantly, one they’ll always remember.
  6. Cliff The Super Days Worth

    Cliff The Super Days Worth

    Built with a magnetic bottom, this box allows you to hold a ton of different sized flies. It received the "Ka-Ching" award at the 2009 Fly Fishing Retailer World Expo.
  7. Cliff's Bugger Beast

    Cliff's Bugger Beast

    No delicacy is required when handling this rugged fly box made for saltwater flies or big streamers. Made in USA.
  8. Cliff's Bugger Beast Jr

    Cliff's Bugger Beast JR.

    No delicacy is required when handling this rugged fly box made for saltwater flies or big streamers. Made in USA.
  9. Cliff's Campfire Casino

    Cliff's Campfire Casino

    Say you’re on a trip and the weather turns to crap and you simply can’t fish, or it’s after supper and too early to hit the hay. How do you pass the time? With Cliff’s Campfire Casino™ you have lots of options. It includes six dice, a deck of cards and the greatest board game ever created, Cribbage. Everyone likes a little game of chance and this is just the package you need if you have a little extra time on your hands.
  10. Cliff's The Articulator fly fishing fly box

    Cliff's The Articulator

    This box is designed to hold all of your articulated style flies. With it's durable and easy to use retention cord, the Articulator will keep your fly's from swinging wildly all over the place. The deep slotted foam provides an additional security blanket.
  11. Cliff's The Float Patch

    Cliff's The Float Patch

    The Float Patch is a very unique drift boat accessory. Or a great addition to any water craft for that matter. It features a stout magnetic pad that holds the smallest of flies, and heavy duty slotted foam that firmly secures your larger patterns. The Float Patch easily adheres to virtually any surface, by means of a heavy duty adhesive backing. Dimensions: Approximately 8" 1/2 x 4" 1/4
  12. Cliff's The Skiff Patch

    Cliff's The Skiff Patch

    This fly patch holds all the flies that didn't work! Or in some cases, the ones that have already been chewed. This patch is guide tested and is now considered standard equipment on all types of watercraft. It adheres to almost any surface. Dimensions: 8" 1/2 x 4" 1/4
  13. Redington Double-Sided Fly Box

    Redington Double-Sided Fly Box

    This double-sided fly box is waterproof and made of impact-resistant plastic. Using slit foam rows, we've maximized capacity allowing over 200 flies to fit in the box.
  14. The Big Cliff Fly Box

    The Big Cliff Fly Box

    This is the perfect dry/dropper box! Even Team USA used this box as their competition box.
Set Descending Direction

Grid List

Wyoming-made, unique, practical outdoor gear is what we do. We spend our share of days in the field and are aware of the fact that having the right gear at the right time is critical to outdoor success. We feel that our gear (what we purchase from others as well as what we manufacture) must meet two criteria. It must be practical (meaning it must work damn good) and it must have a price that represents an excellent value. We work hard. You do too. That's why we stand by the statement on the information card that comes with every Day's Worth Fly Box. It says: "At Cliff Outdoors, our aim is to design and manufacture the highest quality, most practical fly fishing accessories without bending you over." Finally, we guarantee that if at any time you are dissatisfied with any product of ours, we'll simply make it right. You have our handshake on it, period.