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Waterworks Lamson

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  1. Lamson Guru S

    Lamson Guru S

    Totally enlightened. Steadfast and stylish, Guru has long set a standard for enlightened excellence as a rugged, fully USA-machined, and ultra-reliable reel at a great price.
  2. Lamson Liquid 3-Pack

    Lamson Liquid 3-Pack

    The Liquid 3-Pack includes one Liquid reel and two spare spools in a nylon carrying case all for the price of one reel and one spool. Liquid offers everything you need in a fly reel at an absolute bang for your buck.
  3. Lamson Liquid Reel

    Lamson Liquid Reel

    Let’s face it, die-cast reels are intended to be low-cost alternatives to machined reels, right? Imported. Heavier. Easier to damage. Plain Jane. Well . . . not anymore. When creating Liquid, Lamson focused purely on the virtues and advantages a pressure-cast process can offer.
  4. Lamson Remix 3-Pack

    Lamson Remix 3-Pack

    Remix your spool picks with all sizes, -3+ through -9+, available in a 3-Pack style for easy interchangeability on or off the water
  5. Lamson Remix Reel

    Lamson Remix Reel

    A fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined case, Remix is the ultimate hybrid.
  6. Neoprene Reel Case

    Neoprene Reel Case

    Protect your investment with these sleek, neoprene reel covers. Neoprene covers have Waterworks-Lamson logo and velcro closed around the reel or butt of your rod/reel setup. Med. 1-5wt reels, Lg 6-9wt reels.
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The sealed conical drags of Lamson Reels are some of the very best. We have great deals on these made in the USA fly reel discounts.