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Echo Fly Rods

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  1. Bad Ass Glass Quickshot

    Bad Ass Glass Quickshot

    NEW FOR 2018 The ECHO Bad Ass Glass 8’0” QuickShot model helps casters come through their stroke quicker and allows lighting-fast shots to moving fish.
  2. Base


    The Echo Base's progressive actions allow anglers of all skill levels to fish effectively in varying conditions. Durable, no-nonsense construction ensures years of fishing pleasure without having to touch your inheritance.
  3. Carbon XL

    Carbon XL

    A true all-around performer with the features and feel associated with rods four times the cost. Tim designed these rods to be airy-light with actions that benefit a wide range of casting styles and fishing situations. Bass to browns, bluegill to brookies, the Carbon XL covers it all.
  4. Echo Base Kit

    Echo Base Kit

    Everything plus the kitchen sink. Tim designed the Base Kit for a wide range of anglers, from the four-salt old-timer to those who don’t know a reel seat from a love seat.
  5. Echo Boost

    Echo Boost

    The Boost is built for anglers with an aggressive casting stroke to achieve maximum line speed.
  6. Echo Boost Salt

    Echo Boost Salt

    The Boost Salt is the perfect rod for aggressive casters who can’t live without that modern, fast-action rod feel.
  7. Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph

    Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph

    Perfect for any style of nymphing, dry flies, lake fishing, and more! Echo took an already great rod, gave it a new tip section as well as a few other upgrades, and made one of our most versatile fishing tools to date.
  8. Echo EPR

    Echo EPR

    Working with bass and muskie guru Pat Ehlers, Echo has produced their fastest, most powerful rod we have ever produced with the EPR.
  9. Echo Ion XL

    Echo Ion XL

    Saltwater-grade rods in this price category are usually better utilized as a coat hanger than a fishing tool. The Ion XL series does not fit that mold. Featuring a remarkably low swing-weight and a more forgiving action
  10. Echo Prime - 4 Piece

    Echo Prime - 4 Piece

    If you ask around, the ideal saltwater rod is one that will help you hit your target with the minimum number of false casts. When targeting flats fish, things happen quickly and usually in the 40 to 60 foot “prime zone.” Everything about an ECHO PRIME rod has been optimized to help you succeed in the zone.
  11. Echo River Glass

    Echo River Glass

    A Rod Series to Bring the Fun and Feel of Fiberglass to the Modern Angler
  12. Echo Shadow Comptition Kit

    Echo Shadow Comptition Kit

    For Echo's 3 and 4wt models, the competition kit adds customization options for length and balance. Each kit comes with a fighting butt, 5 10gr counter-weights, and two 6″ extensions.
  13. Echo Shadow X Euro Nymph Rod

    Echo Shadow X Euro Nymph Rod

    Echo worked with veteran Euro Nymph guru Pete Erickson, 2018 fly fishing world champion Norm Maktima, and expert Mariusz Wrobewski to create a rod that is dialed-in to perform at the sport’s highest levels.
  14. Echo Trip

    Echo Trip

    The trip breaks down into 8 pieces which is perfect rod for the Suitcase, Backpack or Back Seat
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