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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!
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Medium fast action for the challenges of anadromous fish. With twohanded rods seemingly ubiquitous on many famous salmon and steelhead rivers, at times it seems as though singlehanders have been forgotten. Thats not the case here at T&T. The new SSS rods are designed to offer salmon and steelhead anglers the ultimate balance of sensitivity and fish fighting prowess. These rods are deadly accurate for dry fly work and perfectly capable of lifting a long line off the water as you step and swing flies through holding water in the search for majestic, migratory fish.

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Patagonia-Middle-Fork Packable Waders Lamson-Remix-3-Pack Rio-Powerflex-Plus-Tippet-Leader



SOLAR Refined power for the tropics. Ultra fast action, flagship saltwater series. The culmination of two years of R&D on the competitive saltwater fly fishing circuit, working with some of the best guides in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. Success in saltwater fly fishing is determined by an ability to see things clearly and focus upon the minute details, that together make the difference between a successful hook up or a missed shot. So it is with your choice of fly rod. With SOLAR we developed an immensely powerful rod and then reigned it back a little so that it is dialed for optimum performance at 45 to 65. All the top tournament guides agree that this is the zone. At these distances accuracy is enhanced and the reaction of the fish is visible. Sure the SOLAR can throw an entire fly line for a Hail Mary. But it is dialed for the zone, strong enough in the tip to pick up and recast heavily weighted flies at these distances and possesses the butt power to fight the fish close to the strength limits of IGFA tippets. At Thomas & Thomas, we focus not just on creating casting rods, but on perfecting catching rods. The SOLAR embodies this spirit and represents a new standard for fly rods engineered specifically for the flats. - RODTHO025

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