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Guided Fly Fishing Trips, Charters and Tours

Guided Fly Fishing

Guided Fly Fishing can be a great way for the beginning anglers to learn their local waters and how to fish them. But guided fly fishing trips are not just for the beginning angler. Even the most seasoned anglers can benefit greatly from taking a guide. Your guide can help you hone in your skills or learn a new technique for your any of your next fly fishing trips, no matter where or what you fish for next. Whether that is on a local pond for bass, for us a southern California fly fishing guide is closest, or across the country to a blue ribbon river that runs through the mountains. Guided Fly Fishing can help you improve your double haul to add a distance to your cast or help you learn to cast a fly rod for the first time.

Guided Fly Fishing is not only for trout in secluded backcountry stream or lakes. Oceans, Bays and estuaries are great places for a fly fishing trips because most fly anglers have never come across many of these saltwater environments. These saltwater fish can pull much harder and can be much more difficult to catch then their freshwater brothers. Fly fishing charters are a must for open ocean species, especially on shark fishing charters for Mako Shark and Tuna. Most anglers don’t have the gear or boat to handle those fly fishing trips on their own. Other times guides can be your eye on the water while out on a flat looking for bonefish.

We get a lot of anglers asking if there are any fly fishing trips near me? Why yes there are fly fishing tours all over the place. There’s a good chance that there is not only one but actually a few different guided fly fishing trips available. That pond across the street, the slough by your work or even the beach you love to visit with your family. They all have fish in them and I guarantee that there’s guided fly fishing at all of those locations. One of the most under rated species to fish is the lonely carp. If you live in a city and fish in a pond or slough you have carp in those waters. Carp are one of those species that can take weeks, months or even years to master. From noticing their subtle water push to seeing the very tip of their tail sticking out of the water. And I am not even going to get started on trying to get one of these bad boys to eat a Carp fly, yet they are one of my favorite fish to catch. So, when I get asked is there a fly fishing trip near me my answer will always be yes there is a guide close to your home.

So, is guided fly fishing for you? Yes, not only for the chance to catch fish, but it’s a chance to learn to fly fish and gain a new skill, or master a technique you have been working on for years, or even just to just learn a new body of water close by. So, if have never experienced fly fishing tours we highly suggest you get a buddy and get a guide for you next fishing adventure.

Guided Fly Fishing

Saltwater Charters

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Freshwater Charters

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