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Hatch Guide

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A hatch guide for all your favorite fly fishing river, lakes, streams, and more. Find your locale source. Hatch charts can help you pick out the appropriate flies and tackle you are likely to need, for an upcoming fly fishing trip. They should never be taken as gospel, but rather as a general guide to expected aquatic insect activity. Weather and water conditions can cause significant changes in the timing and duration of the hatches, but in the Eastern United States, they usually happen in the same order each year.

Click the links on the left in order to see some of our favorite fly recommendations. These will be specific to the areas that you are fishing. You can then purchase the right flies for a specific hatch, or if you are a fly tier, you will find the pattern listing for these flies. Note that many of the patterns are offered in different sizes; choose the sizes listed on the hatch chart for the most accurate imitation. Also, these suggested books have loads of great fishing information, as well as hatch charts and lodging options specific to the areas you plan on fishing.