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Kenai River

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The Kenai River is one of the most heavily-fished rivers in Alaska. On average, it sees over 250,000 anglers a year. The Kenai is a glacial stream that drains the central Kenai Peninsula.  It's upper reaches transiton from smooth, gentle, flowing water, to white water with a steep gradient through the Kenai Canyon, back to it's gentle fashion.  

After flowing like this for 18 or so miles, the river dumps into Skilak Lake.  After leaving the lake, the middle portion of this river follows a steep gradient with large boulders, and only experienced boaters should navigate this section. From here, it flows down to the community of Soldotna, and the river here is a much more gentle piece of water.  The final 20 miles wind it's way down to the city of Kenai, with last 12 or so miles being tidally influenced.  The section of river is extremely good for fly fishing.

With over 40 species of fish calling this river home, a fly angler will never get borded fishing this river.

Trout and Dolly Varden Flies

B/H Glo Bug Baby Pink

B/H Glo Bug Burnt Orange

Blood Bot Egg

Blood Line Oregon Cheese

Unreal Egg Burnt Orange 

Egg Sucking Leech Black 

Egg Sucking Leech Purple

Flesh Fly

Slim Pickens Black

Slim Pickens Purple


Salmon and Steelhead Flies

Babine Baller

Articulated Leech Black

Flash Fly

French Tickler

Kenai Special Charteuse 

Paint Brush

Pixie Puff Blue

Puff Puff Pass Chart and Blue 

Steelhead Sherbert 

Fat Freddy 

Beadhead Over Easy

Blood Line Oregon Cheese