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Lees Ferry

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On the Colorado River, Lees Ferry is one of the most spectacular sections of river in Arizona, and the U.S. for that matter. The cool water that flows out of Glen Canyon Dam, makes Lees Ferry the perfect home for feisty 12”-14” rainbow trout. With midges and scuds accounting for the rainbows high protein diet, it is not uncommon for these fish to reach the 20 plus inch mark. To access the upper 15 miles of river, a jet-boat is needed, but there are plenty of walk-in areas to fish as well. Most fish are caught by using an indicator and dead drifting scuds and midges. However, don't forget about throwing a streamer. Streamer fishing can be really exciting and the majority of the big fish in this river, are caught this way. One of the best flies to use on Lees Ferry is the San Juan Worm. This fly is absolutely deadly, and makes for a great point fly when fishing tandem nymph rigs. So if you are looking for feisty trout with absolutely breath taking scenery, then make Lees Ferry one of your "must do" fly fishing destinations.