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White River

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The White River, below Bull Shoals Dam in Arkansas, is absolutely on of the best trout streams in the whole entire world. At a total of 720 miles long, this river flows in and out of the states of Missouri and Arkansas....TWICE! This is a very popular river for fly fishing.

The main attraction to this river is the area below Bull Shoals Dam. Here, the river flows cold all year long, and grows brown trout to record breaking weights. In addition to the wild brown trout that dwell here, Arkansas Game and Fish also stocks this river with large numbers of trout. They can be caught for over thirty miles downstream of the dam, along with some really nice sized smallmouth bass.

The White River can be characterized as being very wide in spots, with plenty of fast water and some really deep pools. Most of the bottom is made up of limestone, but there is also a mixture of sand and gravel along with an occasional weed bed. This makes the river perfect habitat for the food that brown trout prefer. Fly fisherman should have an assortment of flies that mimic Crayfish, baitfish, and leeches. Midges and Crustaceans are also very important food sources on this river.

Accessing the White River is a very easy thing to do. There are numerous boat launches and public parking areas where anglers can get to the water.  While floating this river is very popular and the most preferred method of fishing here, wading anglers can still find success.

Many five to ten pound brown trout are caught here almost each and every day. It is also not unheard of for anglers to land fish weighing over ten pounds. And believe it or not, there are a few fish in this river that will go up to twenty. The holdover stocked rainbow trout here can also grow very large, and these fish can go over twenty -two inches.  If that's not enough to keep you entertained, there is also a small population of cutthroats and brook trout in the White River as well.