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What makes fly fishing in California so great, is the wide variety of fishing that is available.  From fresh to salt water, this state has it all.  The northern half of California, or NorCal as the locals call it, has rivers like the Sacramento, Pit, Fall and McCloud, among many others, making it a stronger place for trout fly-fishing than the water stricken southern half of the state.  The Eastern Sierra's have trout fisheries ranging from tailwaters like the Lower Owens and East Walker River, to small creeks such as Rush and Hot Creek.  Throw in one of the many area lakes, and you wouldn't be able to fish all this water in two life times.  The southern half of the state holds more World records for Large Mouth Bass than any other place in the world, so warmwater lake fishing here is big.  Most of these same lakes are stocked with trout during the winter months, but hold overs are rare.  There are a few small creeks in the southern CA area that do hold trout year round such as Bear Creek and the West Fork of the San Gabriel, but most of the viable trout fishing is done in the northern half of the state. Click the links on the left, to see some of our favorite places to fish in this state.

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