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Hot Creek

Hot Creek is one of the most productive wild trout fisheries in the state of California. Hot Creek is a spring-fed stream that supports thriving populations of both rainbow and brown trout. The aquatic insects and invertebrates that form the trout's food base, are extremely abundant here, and drives this very unique and very special fishery.

Hot Creek is a small stretch of Spring Creek water open to the public below the Hot Creek Ranch. Hot Creek can be reached by taking Hot Creek Road directly off Hwy 395 next to the Mammoth Airport. Access at upper parking lot as well as the parking lot above the hot springs.There is about 1 mile of stream available until the thermal springs occur. This water is strictly C&R with barbless flies only, and wading is not permitted. Some surveys indicate that there are more fish(11,000) per that mile, than any stream in the Sierras. Most of these fish are browns in the 7-12 inch class. Hot Creek gets heavily fished, and the fish are very spooky. The best time of the year to fish Hot Creek is in the early summer when there is plenty of runoff and the hatches are active. Caddis patterns are your best bet with #16-20 dries, #18-22 emergers, and #18-22 green larvae patterns. Weeds tend to choke off Hot Creek in the later part of summer in August and September for nymph fishing, this is a good time to fish dry Trico's and Caddis patterns. Also, don't be afraid to fish a big mouse fly here, as sometimes it can draw ferocious strikes.




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