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South Platte

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The South Platte River is probably among the best and most well known of all the rivers in Colorado, and can be fished year round. It starts high in the mountains surrounding the now famous South Park area, as numerous creeks and springs drain eastward. The river cuts down through Eleven Mile, Cheesman and Waterton Canyons, before it enters the Denver area. The best quality trout water can be found in the tail waters below Spinney Mountain Reservoir( known as The Dream Stream), Eleven Mile and Cheesman Canyon Reservoirs. This river is famous for the many Mayfly, Midge, and Caddis fly hatches. Dry fly and nymph fishing is second to none! But the fish in these sections are as smart as they come. They see lots of pressure, and are not easily fooled. One of the closest sections of the river to fish that is easily accessible by car, is the small town of Deckers which is located less than 60 miles from downtown Denver. This makes it a very popular place for weekend warriors. There is plenty of public access here, as well as a variety of camping and picnicking areas.