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Hickman Creek

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Hickman Creek is approximately 25 miles long, and is a tributary of the Kentucky River. It flows through Jessamine County, Kentucky. Hickman Creek is currently ranked #11 of the 20 best smallmouth bass streams in the state by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Some of the species of fish in Hickman Creek are smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rock bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and spotted gar.


A story of Hickman Creek from one of our customers Michael M,

From the beginning, fly fishing to me was a "sport of kings." I never could afford the rod or reel. My employer at the time, when fly fishing sparked my interest, flew around the world fly fishing, from British Columbia to Chile. He would come back with photos of his adventures and this always seemed enchanting to me. There was an allure to Fly fishing that didn't seem be the same with my old light action spincaster. As the years went by I finally got the courage up to ask him to teach me. He responded with a "why the hell had you not asked sooner!" So there I was casting a wooden dowel rod and string. A setup he made just for me, now my nephews are learning on the same set up. As the years flew by and life changed quickly - I found less and less time and money to dive into my hobby. I soon married and bought a home with some land in rural Kentucky. With this new purchase came a small creek, Hickman Creek. The first year I never fished this creek! My elderly new neighbor stopped by one day and we chatted about moles, the weather, the history of the area and...Hickman Creek. he told me stories about him as boy growing up and catching crawdads to use for Smallmouth...My ears perked. At that point I finally saved up some money, purchased a low end outfit and ordered some flies from you, and hit the water. The first trip there was more trees caught than fish, but what happened changed me forever. People talked about the fly fishing being transcendent, you develop a connection between the rod, the fly, the cast, the fish, the water and nature. Hickman Creek takes me to place I had never been before. As i walk through the woods, smell damp musty air, feel the breeze through trees and feel the cool water on my skin, I drift away to a place that is home. It just feels right, and I am calm. I can tell you fish stories about the smallmouths that make 5wt scream, but what makes it all worth is the time in the water, alone with nature, being nature. Tricking a hungry smallmouth to grab your feathers and fur isn't bad either! I look forward to days on the water with my children, teaching the same love and respect for the sport that I have found...on Hickman Creek.