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Current Creek

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The Current River is a beautiful trout stream that flows through some very breath taking scenery, and is part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Beginning just downstream of the Montauk State Park, there's nine miles of what Missouri considers Blue Ribbon trout water. This section ends downstream at the Cedar Grove Bridge. It is best fished by floating the river, however there is a few access points where you can get in and walk and wade.

This Blue Ribbon area has a great population of both rainbows and brown trout ,including some that are wild fish. It is not uncommon to catch fish here that are in the 18 - 20 inch range.

The Current River has lots of different aquatic insects, including scuds and sowbugs. It also has sculpin and baitfish. Blue-winged Olives are the most important mayflies here, along with some sulphurs and tricos. Caddisflies include Cinnamon Caddis, Little Brown Caddis, Spotted Sedges and a few more less important ones. Streamers often produce the largest fish, especially those that imitate sculpin.

If you are looking to wade fish this river, a good spot to do so is from the Montauk State Park campground. There's a good trail that is noted by signs as to where the park ends and the Blue Ribbon section starts. Existing the park at the rear entrance, you can follow a unpaved road to the Tan Vat access. From here, it's best to hike downstream a ways to reach the best water and escape some of the pressure from other anglers. A few other good access areas are at Baptist Camp, Parker, and Cedar Grove Access. A good map of the area will help you find these locations.