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Nine Mile Creek

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Nine Mile Creek is one of Central New York's finest trout streams. This stream is way different than most, it starts out as a warm water outlet of Otisco Lake and supports fish like tiger musky, smallmouth bass, and some common carp. Trout are also stocked to support a put-and-take tyoe of fishery. The tiger musky are escapees from fish stocked in Otisco lake. As it flows along, it hits a series of large icy cold limestone springs that cool the creek down. Both wild and stocked brown trout along with an occasional wild brook trout, make trout fishing here really good. The best trout water parallels county route 174 and is heavily fished.

The really good fly fishing begins in mid April but surface action doesn't start till mid May with the Hendrickson hatch. The peak of dry fly fishing is at the end of May to the middle of June with the emergence of Pale Evening Duns and Sulphurs. Then, after Labor Day, the Isdonychia May Flies begin to emerge. Nymphing and fishing emergers at this time can be exciting.